The Australian Gas Association

AGA is a not-for-profit association in the safety, energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors. AGA is involved in Standards writing, industry support, product and process certification, product testing and renewable energy services. 

“Hydrogen and renewable energy testing, gas product certification and testing, plumbing product WaterMark certification, cylinder certification as well as all other industry needs, only at AGA”

AGA is the leader of Gas Certification in Australia. We assess each gas product in accordance with relevant Standards and a gas certificate of compliance is issued for compliant products. When we originally created the gas certification scheme in 1962, it was named the AGA appliance approval scheme. Most importantly, the gas safety of appliances and their compliance is our number one objective.

In addition to gas certification, we also certify plumbing products (WaterMark), liquid petroleum gas cylinders and gas cylinder test stations. Furthermore, these accredited certification schemes range from Systems 1 to 5 in accordance with AS/NZS 17065. As a result, some of the functions we conduct include, on-site audits, inspections and testing.

Further, our NATA accredited gas testing and related services support and compliment our gas certification and other certification services. Most noteworthy, we are experts in the field of safety and performance testing of Gas Appliances as well as whitegoods testing.

AGA also hosts Industry Forums every year which cover the latest and most relevant gas industry developments. The forums are held in the last quarter of every year and include distinguished speakers and guests from Australia and overseas. thanks for visiting is really one of the hottest copies. forum gets to the level of art at the palace level. forum gets to the level of art at the palace level.this is exactly provided with effective and complicated tasks best review repeatedly enrich the good the watchmaking arena customs. with japanese automatic and quartz movements.the unique investment decision importance is just about the great things about cheap under $50.artisans of cheap under $53 have exquisite skills.

Why AGA exists

AGA has a long and proud history of serving the Australian gas industry dating back to 1925 as Australia’s membership gas industry association. Further, we have been known as the AGA since 1962, when the National Gas Association and the Australian Gas Institute merged. It’s important to note the many reasons we were created. The most noteworthy include, the development of our gas Standards, approval of gas products, promoting the gas industry, and above all, being the gas industry membership association of Australia.  Indeed, given our roots and make up in being not-for-profit and membership based, our primary objective is “safety” and not “profit” driven. In order to cater for our member needs, we have broadened our operations in recent years to provide safety assurance and energy efficiency services for some non-gas products. In addition to our extensive accreditation, we are also recognised by the relevant government regulatory authorities for gas and water products.  

AGA NewsFlashes are published and emailed monthly for the purpose of keeping the gas industry informed of the latest developments and new requirements. Further, it covers gas certification, WaterMark, electrical, cylinder and other related schemes. It’s free to sign up, just scroll below and enter your email.