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AGA is an Industry association in the safety, energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors Serving the Australian Community Since 1925

AGA’s membership comprises hundreds of companies from all over the world, including manufacturers, suppliers and plumbers

AGA Certification  ||  Laboratory Testing  ||  Renewable Energy Testing  ||  Type B Certifications 

AGA Certification

AGA’s Certification includes a range of products and services such as gas, WaterMark plumbing, cylinders, pressure vessels & gas cylinder test stations to comply with Australian regulatory requirements


AGA operates the largest NATA accredited laboratories in Melbourne and Sydney for its scope. The testing scope includes gas & hydrogen products, components, material performance of pipes and fittings, whitegoods and performance testing

Renewable Energy

AGA’s renewable energy team and laboratory is quickly expanding. Laboratory services include testing at the state of the art hydrogen test facility at AGA’s Melbourne headquarters, mixing of gases and analysis of samples. The team is also assisting companies with renewable energy projects nationwide.

Type B Certifications

AGA is the largest independent Type B Gas Certifier in the Australia servicing New South Wales and South Australia. Type B Certifications range from industrial boiler systems to ovens and covers all AS 3814 scope of products. 

For more information: email: TypeBApprovals@aga.asn.au


AGA operates the AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme which provides Australian Licenced gasfitters with AGA membership and licence to use the AGA logo

Why AGA exists

AGA has a long and proud history of serving the Australian gas industry dating back to 1925 as Australia’s membership gas industry association. The association has been known as the The Australian Gas Association (AGA) since 1962, when the National Gas Association and the Australian Gas Institute merged. The reasons AGA was associated include, the development of Australia’s gas Standards, approval of gas products and bringing the industry together.  Given AGA’s roots and make up in being not-for-profit and membership based, AGA’s primary objective is “safety” and not “profit” driven. AGA has evolved with the industry and now also provides safety assurance and energy efficiency services for some non-gas products. AGA is JAS-ANZ and NATA accredited and also recognised by government regulatory authorities for gas and water products.  

AGA NewsFlashes are published and emailed monthly for the purpose of keeping industry stakeholders informed of the latest developments and new requirements. The NewsFlash covers gas certification, WaterMark, cylinders, Renewable Energy updates, Type B developments and other related news. It’s free to sign up, just scroll below and enter your email.

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