2019 AGA Industry Forum - AGA

2019 AGA Industry Forum

AGA’s 2019 Industry Forum is one that will be remembered! It was kicked off with Dylan Storer’s presentation on Tuesday night’s Welcome Dinner which provided an insight about Climate Change from our younger generation. Read more about Dylan here https://www.dylanstorer.net/

AGA’s Chairman, Mr Chris Devlin delivered the opening address to kick off the forum’s plenary session on Wednesday, reflecting on how far we have come, and how much more we have to do for the prosperity of our gas industry.

Vikram Singh, Lead Advisor from AGIG presented again this year to provide an update on the Tonsley Park HyP SA project. The project is progressing well where will see the reticulated Natural Gas supply for 700 homes in Tonsley Park South Australia be injected with 5% Hydrogen very soon. Vikram also announced a similar project launched Queensland called HyP Gladstone. Our Bill Tabourlos, Group Manager Technical Operations took the audience on a journey of how our gas industry has been promoted since it began in Australia. Bill surprised forum attendees when he presented a world first online platform, “The AGA Showroom” designed and built to promote our gas industry. “The AGA Showroom” was officially launched by AGA’s Chairman during Bill’s presentation.

This momentous launch was followed by an impressive presentation by Samuel Lee Mohan, ATCO’s Manager Innovation Projects Gas Australia. Samuel outlined the cutting edge research ATCO is working on in Western Australia with the launch of their “Clean Energy Innovation Hub” in June 2019. The hub is looking into a mix of energy usage such as hydrogen, solar, wind and Natural Gas. Enzo Alfonsetti, Manager Type A Gas Appliance & Component Safety, ESV followed to provide a regulatory update, including, safety critical testing and the GTRC Scheme Rules.

The attendees were impressed with the presentation from VBA’s Director, Dr Daryl O’Brien after morning tea. Dr O’Brien explained the relevant regulations which affect gas fitting in Victoria and how Hydrogen imminent training is essential for our gas fitters. Ross Jamieson, Chairman of AG-013 concluded the plenary session presentations by deciphering and clarifying the “changes to LPG leisure cylinder valves”, including the updated timelines and processes.

The Forum’s master of ceremonies was once again AGA’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Chris Wealthy who was indeed the life of the forum.

We were delighted to have our AGA members attend including international delegates from Japan, United States and China. We are also pleased to have most of our state and territory regulatory authorities attend covering appliance safety and performance.

Finally, a big thank you to our sponsors who made the 2019 AGA Industry Forum possible!

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