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ICA Scheme Discontinued.

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AGA extends date of ICA Scheme Change.

Notice to AGA Members & Customers - “ICA Scheme” Users.

I refer to the notification sent to AGA Members and Customers earlier this year advising that AGA had agreed to extend operation of the “AGA Individual Compliance Approval (ICA) Scheme” until 31 March 2014. Whilst the Scheme will be available to all AGA customers up to 31 March, its operation was extended specifically to assist a small number of AGA clients that had encountered logistical (freight/shipping) difficulties.

 I must emphasise that AGA remains committed to withdrawing the ICA Scheme as, putting it quite plainly, it is unsustainable.  That said, AGA is also committed to its customers and the industry it has proudly served for more than half a century and when we heard that unforeseen logistical issues had conspired against a small number of our customers, we were happy to help them by extending the Scheme until 31st March 2014.

Please note, the new arrangements are set out below:

New Applications under the ICA Scheme must be:

  1. received by AGA prior to 31st March 2014, and;

  2. finalised (i.e. satisfactory inspection completed and Tier 2 Badge affixed to the appliance) prior to cob 30 June2014.

  3. Applications not finalised by cob 30 June 2014 will be cancelled.

  4. ICA Scheme Application fees are non-refundable.


With your indulgence and at the risk of repetition, the reasons we believe the Scheme is unsustainable include, amongst other things, the following:

  1. The ICA Scheme operates in most states and territories and, therefore, AGA must be able to provide the on-site technical support required to conduct an ICA Assessment anywhere from Cairns to Ceduna or Mt Isa to Mooroolbark and everywhere in between.  In today’s environment, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to find and retain enough people with the appropriate qualifications, skills and desire to take on a role such as this and assume the associated attendant legal risk exposure.

  2. In addition to (a) above, AGA is called upon to commit “high-level” technical and administrative support for the Scheme.  Once again, and for many reasons, this is not sustainable.

  3. In providing the ICA Scheme, AGA’s key objective has been to enhance consumer safety, and this has been achieved by working with industry i.e. “AGA Members” and “Customers”.  The industry has seen major structural change over the past decade and, in our view, the safety assurance provided by the Scheme is deteriorating and, in future, is unlikely to attract the funding necessary for this model to continue to meet its core objective.


The ICA Scheme, and its predecessor, the 2nd Tier Scheme have served the industry and community well for the best part of fifty years, however, for reasons outlined earlier, we do not believe this is a suitable model to take us forward another fifty.  The time has come to retire the AGA Individual Compliance Approval Scheme and, in so doing, salute the contribution it has made to the industry and our community.

The information outlined above can also be found on our website and our staff would be happy to assist should you have further questions.

Yours sincerely


Chris J Wealthy
Managing Director & CEO


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