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About aGA

AGA is a not-for-profit association with a mission to support efforts of industry in improving the safety, reliability and environmental performance of products for the benefit of the Australian community.
calibration services

AGA, and its predecessor organisations, date back to 1925 when the National Gas Association (NGA) was formed and the first gas appliance codes were written by the NGA. In 1962, the NGA and the Australian Gas Institute merged to form the Australian Gas Association (AGA). The AGA is a highly regarded not-for-profit association recognised nationally and internationally for its primary safety mission.

Since 1962, AGA has been involved in the development and continuous improvement of its services, simultaneously playing a key role in assisting the gas and related industries develop highly regarded safety standards for testing and certifying domestic, commercial and industrial appliances, components and other ancillary equipment.

Safety motivated projects such as the AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme exists to promote consumer safety and the need for regular gas appliance servicing.


The AGA Constitution

The AGA Constitution defines the organisation, its purpose and how it evolves. It is a key document and includes requirements that help ensure key stakeholder feedback into AGA activities

Meet The Executive Team

The AGA Executive Team

Bill (Vasilios) Tabourlos

Managing Director & CEO

Bill (Vasilios) is our Managing Director & CEO and has been a valuable contributor in the consumer safety sector for two decades. Bill managed AGA’s Certification Schemes and also coordinated the construction and operations of AGA’s Testing Laboratory. 

Bill serves as a member on the ESV Technical Advisory Committee, the NATA Physical Performance Testing Accreditation Advisory Committee, and contributes as a NATA Technical Assessor to assist in the maintenance and advance in technical expertise in existing, emerging and renewable energy industries.

Bill holds majors from the University of Melbourne, in the fields of Engineering (Mechanical) and Computer Science. Bill also holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Adelaide. 

Don Duan

General Manager, Certifications

Don is AGA’s General Manager, Certifications and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) from the University of Melbourne.

Don has had extensive hands on experience since 2012 in the AGA Laboratory and proudly  served as one of AGA NATA Signatories while also training new university graduates. More recently, Don was one of AGA’s leading Client Managers and ambassador for AGA in the Asia Pacific Region liaising with key partners such as CSA, JIA, CGAC and KGS. 

Don’s has a passion for consumer safety and renewable energy solutions and is always their to help AGA customers and members. 

Ivan Marsic

General Manager,
Regulatory Affairs

Soon after he completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physics and Computing), Ivan joined the gas Industry in the early 90’s. He first worked in the R&D department of a large Australian product manufacturer and later joined AGA in November 1995.

Ivan has gained significant experience and extensive knowledge across a range of products associated with AGA’s gas products / cylinders and plumbing certification businesses.

He currently holds the position of General Manager, Regulatory Affairs and has also been involved with Standards committee representation,  AGA’s NATA laboratory and AGA’s Audit and surveillance activities

Dennis Karafotias

General Manager,

Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering, with Majors in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics from Monash University, Australia. He joined AGA in December 2009 working primarily in the Certification area where he developed his knowledge of the Australian Gas Standards.

Dennis has since been positioned in AGA’s Gas and Performance testing laboratory where he has advanced from testing appliances and components to now overseeing and managing the AGA Laboratories.

Dennis also represents AGA on key Standards Australia committees, including AG-001 Gas Appliances and ME-093 Hydrogen Technologies. 

Kylie Birt

Executive Assistant

Kylie has extensive experience as one of AGA’s main administrative team members since 2004.

Kylie has been involved in Gas, Electrical, Plumbing Product and Cylinder Certification activities early on in her career. She gained valuable instrument calibration experience in the AGA Laboratory as well as supporting key OH&S infrastructure. 

Kylie has recently been promoted to AGA’s Executive Assistant and continues to contribute to AGA’s consumer safety goals. 

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