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Certification of gas appliance – The AGA Badge must be affixed to every AGA Certified appliance unless an AGAMark has been applied under a valid licence – click here to check

AGA Maker's Warranty Badges

The AGA Maker’s Warranty Badges are nationally recognised as symbols of safety and compliance and need to be attached on Certified gas appliances when sold (unless they carry the AGAMark licence).

These badges incorporate a registered design, belonging to AGA, and it is a condition of certification these badges must only be sourced directly from AGA.  

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Gas Compliance Marks

We supply both versions of the Gas Compliance Marks (GCMs), for Australia Only and for Australia and New Zealand. 

It is a government requirement that the GCM is displayed on Certified gas appliances. 

Natural, Propane and ULP Gas-Type Labels

We also supply Natural Gas, Propane Gas and ULP Gas Type labels which will assist Certificate Holders comply with the marking requirements of the appliance Standards. You can order them in books of 100. 

Certification of Gas Appliance

It is mandatory for gas appliances to be certified in Australia. AGA ensures that gas appliances are safe to use before they are offered for sale to the Australian community. For this reason it is important to communicate to the Australian consumers, including the gas fitters, mums and dads, builders and regulatory authorities which gas appliances have been properly tested and have been AGA certified successfully. 

AGA developed the AGA badge over 40 years ago to establish an effective communication means for each stakeholder to be able to identify AGA Certified gas appliances which have passed our Standards. 

The AGA well recognised  mark has been, and is a sign of safety in our Australian gas industry for generations. As time has progressed and the regulatory landscape has evolved, it is now legislated in every state and territory. 

It is important to note that AGA badges can only be purchased from AGA by either by emailing us at office@aga.asn.au or by using the order form below: