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AGA Added Value

The AGA brand name has existed for well over 50 years and signifies a trusted product certification service provider recognised by all relevant State and Territory Technical Regulators.  AGA "type-tested" product certification embodies all the desirable characteristics one would expect of a reputable and leading scheme and the AGA technical personnel that deliver certification services to industry are widely regarded as some of the most knowledgable and experienced in Australia.   It is little wonder that AGA continues to be the certification body of choice for just about all gas industry participants.

With the trend for ever growing business insurance premiums over recent years, and the emergence of competition within the certification industry, it is quite possible that insurers will begin to compare certification schemes and make judgements about the perceived risk associated with each one. It makes sense that those schemes that are less robust, transparent, independent and technically based are likely to attract the highest premiums. Notwithstanding this, the less rigorous schemes are also less likely to identify product issues/non-compliances at an early stage, the outcome which is most likely to eliminate expensive recalls and ongoing field failures.

AGA remains true to its origins and still functions as a not-for-profit technical business with an absolute focus on servicing industry product certification needs. As AGA certification services now embrace electrical, electronic and water-related products (ie in addition to AGA's long-standing and highly-regarded gas equipment certification services), it is possible to provide customers with a "one-stop shop" service.  It is AGA's intention to add considerable value to our customers certification experience by providing this enhanced range of product services at a most competitive price and with the least amount of fuss.  AGA has clearly demonstrated that its commitment to offering customers value for money is more than just words.  What other certification body can boast that it has introduced real and significant reductions in many of its fees over such an extended period of time?  The AGA management and Board routinely monitor individual revenue streams and overall financial performance with the objective of restricting fees to a level that will sustain the services it provides. 

Unlike it competitors, AGA encourages and facilitates the involvement of its customer base into its operations. The AGA Board provides for industry representation, which is designed to facilitate customer feedback and a mechanism for direct customer input into the way AGA does business.  Customers should check competing certification service providers to see if they are similarly customer-oriented and therefore likely to recognise and develop the optimum solution to address any emerging industry concerns.

When deciding on your certification options, it would also be wise to include some consideration on the longevity of your selected provider. As indicated previously, AGA has an impressive proven track record in the product certification business and this may be one of your best indicators as to the security of your certification assets into the future.


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