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Membership Information

AGA membership is available to:

  • Current AGA Certificate Holders for type tested products - ie Full Member, Certificate Holder category (NB: this is the membership category that entitles the member to discounted Annual Renewal and/or Administrative Fees as applicable. NB: The AGA Membership and the AGA Certificates must be in the name of the same legal entity);
  • Other legal entities that the AGA Board determine have a real and significant interest in the AGA type tested product certification schemes (and who do not otherwise qualify under the Full Member, Certificate Holder category) - ie Full Member, Miscellaneous category; and
  • Other legal entities that do not qualify for admission as a Full Member - ie Associate Member category. Typically, this category would comprise service organisations and individuals, such as management consultants and legal firms, that seek to maximise networking opportunities within the industry sectors associated with the AGA type tested product certification schemes.

Important Stuff

An Application For Membership Form must be completed and submitted together with the appropriate membership fee.  In accordance with the AGA Constitution, the AGA Board will consider each Application for Membership on its merits and has decided to encourage/accept applications from AGA Certificate Holders for any Type Tested product. 

For applications lodged part way through a subscription period (ie Financial Year), the following GST-exclusive pro rata membership fees apply:


Month lodged/received

Full Member
Certificate Holder

Full Member


April - June




January - March




October - December




July - September




Note 1: Partial year subscriptions based on whole and incomplete quarter from date application received at AGA

Note 2: GST does not apply to overseas-based members.


Membership Application Form

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AGA membership is based on the standard financial year (1 July-30 June period) and subscription renewal invoices will be issued at the beginning of each membership period for payment strictly within AGA's normal trading terms, ie 30-days. Non-payment of membership fees within the 30-day period may result in an "unfinancial member" status and, if applicable, remove any entitlement to discounted Annual Renewal Fees for that membership year. Where necessary, AGA will issue a supplementary invoice to cover such differences.

Applications lodged part way through a subscription period must be supported by payment of a relevant annual membership fee (refer table above).

The AGA Constitution includes more details about AGA membership and can be downloaded for free from this website.


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