AGAMark Holders - AGA

1301Sitro Group Australia4 August 2024
1302AHM4 August 2024
1303Weber-Stephen21 August 2028
1304Shriro Australia17 September 2024
1305Seeley International23 October 2027
1307Changzhou Gardensun Furnace30 September 2024
1308Miele Australia Pty Ltd7 November 2024
1309Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd21 November 2024
1310Rheem Australia Pty Ltd13 March 2026
1313Genesis Australia Corporation Pty Ltd4 May 2025
1317Think Global Ltd7 August 2024
1320Pacific Gas & Heating Pty Ltd11 March 2025
1324Aber Holdings Ltd16 June 2025
1326Moffat Limited16 July 2024
1327Fisher & Paykel Appliances Ltd20 September 2024
1328Maxsun (Dalian) Co Ltd4 November 2026
1332Glem Gas Australasia Pty Ltd6 March 2025
1333Adventure Trading Australia Pty Ltd18 August 2024
1334Sea to Summit Pty Ltd28 June 2024
1335Chinabest Home Appliances Co Ltd4 July 2025
1336Whirlpool (Australia) Pty Ltd15 September 2024
1337Char-Broil LLC 2 March 2025
1338Thermofilm Australia Pty Ltd2 March 2025
1342Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd5 March 2029
1343Elba Italy Spa 6 May 2026
1344Logan Outdoor Products LLC, dba Campchef4 June 2024
1346Patch Investments (Vic) Pty Ltd1 September 2024
1347DMNV Pty Ltd11 March 2025
1348Ikea of Sweden AB1 September 2024
1349Joolca Pty Ltd13 November 2024
1350Winners Products Engineering Ltd19 April 2025
1351Kwiat Trade and Consulting Pty Ltd28 June 2026
1352Gozney Group Ltd29 August 2024
1353Aurora Lites Pty Ltd29 August 2024
1354M & A Mead Investments Pty Ltd T/as Heatlie Engineering23 October 2024
1355Jiangmen Cadero Hardware Products Mfg Co. Ltd21 February 2025
1356Marina Corp4 March 2025
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