AGA customers holding certificates for gas appliances have to comply with labelling requirements as described in The Rules Governing The AGA Product Certification Scheme For Type Tested Gas Products. Traditionally, this has involved purchasing appropriate AGA Maker’s Warranty Badges and affixing them to each production unit.

AGA now has an alternative method to satisfy the labelling requirements, applying the AGAMark under licence.  This option is only available to AGA Members and subject to formal acceptance by AGA of a customer’s Application for an AGAMark Licence below and pre-payment of the associated AGAMark Licence fee.

Please download the Terms and Conditions from the link below and read thoroughly before deciding to make application for an AGAMark Licence.

The current cost of an AGAMark Licence can be confirmed by contacting your Client Manager.

Please follow the link below for a list of the Current AGAMark Licence Holders

Application for an AGAMark Licence

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