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April 2022 NewsFlash

  • 29-04-2022

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AGA NewsFlash

National gas regulatory framework to hydrogen blends and renewable gases

Gas Equipment Certification Scheme “The Rules” changes

Material Performances Testing of Pipes and Fittings

Standards Update

National gas regulatory framework to hydrogen blends and renewable gases

On the 20th August 2021, Australian Energy Ministers met to discuss reforms to include hydrogen blends, biomethane and other renewable gases within the scope of the national gas regulatory framework.

In summary, the reforms:
• Will focus on gases and blends that can be used in existing natural gas appliances;
• Consider any required changes to the National Gas Law, National Energy Retail Law and subordinate instruments.
• Aim to provide regulatory certainty to support investment in innovative projects that will reduce emissions in our gas networks.
• Ensure existing regulatory provisions and consumer protections will work as intended when hydrogen blends and renewable gases are supplied in the gas network.

It was agreed to accelerate this reform process and accordingly, a draft legislative package is to be presented to Ministers for approval by mid-2022, and draft rules in the second half of 2022.

Officials’ are seeking feedback on the draft regulatory package which opened on the 31st March 2022. Responses can be submitted before 5:00 PM AEST, 12th May 2022.

Got to https://www.energy.gov.au/government-priorities/energy-ministers/priorities/gas/gas-regulatory-framework-hydrogen-renewable-gases for more information.

Gas Equipment Certification Scheme “The Rules” changes

An updated version of “The Rules” is expected to be published by The Gas Technical Regulators Committee (GTRC) in July 2022.

The GTRC is a committee comprised of regulatory departments responsible for the safe use of gas appliances. The committee includes representatives from every State and Territory in Australia and New Zealand.

The most significant change which may be included in this the upcoming version is the introduction of ‘safety critical testing’ that will be required to be conducted every 2 years. This is intended to strengthen the current post certification audit requirements that is limited only to a visual examination.

The proposed product categories that may be subject to this new certification requirement are certain types of water heaters, space heaters, decorative effect (Type 2) appliances, gas refrigerators, radiant gas heaters, LP gas portable & mobile appliances and hose assemblies.

When “The Rules” are published, AGA will assist all affected Certificate Holders manage the transition to ensure continued compliance.

Material Performance Testing of Pipes and Fittings

Material performance testing of pipes and fittings is an important requirement and assurance of quality and compliance for many infrastructure and building projects. AGA’s Sydney laboratory located in Auburn is able to provide quick turnaround testing and results ensuring critical project timelines are not affected.

The material performance testing of pipes and fittings testing includes Butt Welds, Electrofusion Joints or Saddle Fusion Joints, in particular to the following International Standards: ISO 13953, ISO 13954 and ISO 13956.

For the highest quality service with extremely fast turnaround times please contact Qinghui Mao (QMao@aga.asn.au) or lab@aga.asn.au to discuss your project needs.

We look forward to working with you.


Latest Standards Updates

DR AS/NZS 4020:2018 Amd 1:2021 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water is out for public comment until 13th May 2022. If you would like to make comment, please Click Here