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August 2019 NewsFlash

  • 30-08-2019

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Hydrogen Demonstration

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2019 AGA Gas Industry Forum

Change is nothing new to the gas industry, it has been changing and evolving for many years and AGA, with its history dating back to 1925, has been an important contributor to those changes and continues to be so today.  For new subscribers to NewsFlash, AGA is a key not-for-profit membership based industry association representing the downstrean sector of the gas industry.  The objectives of AGA are to support and promote the industry and assist it in delivering the highest levels of consumer safety and promote the efficient use of gas.

As part of our efforts to help the various industry sectors keep abreast of industry developments and discuss future challenges and the opportunities that flow therefrom, AGA hosts an Industry Forum annually.

This year, the Forum will explore the exciting opportunities emerging in the hydrogen space from the point of production through to end use and the likely timeframes involved if Australia is to be successful in seizing the opportunities that hydrogen presents.  The Forum will also look at some of the regulatory issues that will need to be addressed as Australia transitions to a net zero carbon society.

Other aspects that will be explored at the forum include updates on topical issues, some of which have been under review for some time and likely to result in significant change for the downstream industry.

Please join us at the 2019 AGA Industry Forum will be held at:“Oaks on Collins”, 480 Collins St Melbourne Vic 3000 on Tues/Wed 19th & 20th November to find out more about our rapidly changing industry.  

The Forum will commence with a Welcome Dinner on the evening of Tuesday 19th November with the Plenary Sessions to be held on Wednesday 20th November followed by a Farewell Dinner that evening. Accommodation is available at Oaks on Collins at discounted rates.  Please contact Kylie or Sandi on +61 3 9580 4500
or for accommodation details.

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Master Plumbers – Hydrogen Demonstration

Currently there are a number of trials underway or being planned to inject up to 10% hydrogen into existing natural gas reticulation network.  All of these trials are being carefully planned and and Future Fuels CRC has arranged laboratory testing of a representative cross-section of domestic and commercial gas appliances to prove that these appliances will operate as intended with small blends of hydrogen in the natural gas supply.  As a service to its members and the general community, the Master Plumbers Association is always striving to improve the quality of plumbing work, including the quality of maintenance and service work of gas appliances.

Given the planned injection of hydrogen into the natural gas distribution network, the Master Plumbers Association approached AGA to conduct a demonstration to help its members gain an appreciation of the characteristics of hydrogen / natural gas blends.  As practicing Master Plumbers will be at the front line, AGA was keen host a demonstration of this type.

The demonstration involved setting up a number of appliances and supplying each with a hydrogen / natural gas blend ranging from 0% hydrogen – 50% hydrogen and observing changes in the flame characteristic and other operational characteristics such as ignition etc.

We commend the Master Plumbers Association for being proactive in its approach to training.

Latest Standards Updates

AS/NZS 5263.1.12 (Gas appliances, Part 1.12: Gas pool heaters) was published on the 14th June 2019. 

If you have AGA Certifications which are affected, please contact your AGA Client Manager