LPG Cylinders - AGA

Certification of LPG Cylinders

AGA is the principal body and the centre of all LPG cylinder certifications in Australia. We assist you and conduct the design verification, design notifications, factory Inspections, type testing, test station compliance verifications and Monitoring Inspections. 

Who is it for?

Certification is for manufacturers and suppliers of LPG cylinders who would like to legally sell their products into the Australian market.

What Products are covered?

LPG cylinders as required in AS 2030, including 2 and 3 piece welded steel cylinders.

What is the Certification process?


  • You complete our online application form and submit the technical specifications and drawings of your product

  • We review your Application and prepare a Test Program. Testing is conducted at the AGA Laboratory or at one of AGA's Authorised Laboratories. We also conduct an onsite Factory Inspection at the manufacturers premises.

  • You address any outstanding findings as a result of the testing and audit such as markings, instructions  and quality documentation

  • We issue you with a Certificate of Compliance upon satisfactory submission of all outstanding items

  • We conduct Monitoring Inspections during every production run of AGA Certified cylinders

How much does it cost?

Costs are broken into three areas, Certification, Testing and post Certification fees. Please contact us at office@aga.asn.au or click on this link to go to our contact page and we can provide you with a quote for your specific product.

What you should read

When you get some time, download the The Rules Governing The AGA Cylinder Certification Scheme below. It contains all the relevant legal requirements and process details.