Cylinder Test Stations - AGA

Test Station Certification

AGA’s is one of the leading bodies in this area encompassing great technical depth and knowledge with cylinder testing, inspections and government requirements. We can assist you with your Test Station Certification and set up needs in a timely and safe manner

Who is it for?

Certification is organisations who would like to inspect cylinders in accordance with AS 2337 series of Standards

What is the Certification process?


  • You complete our online application form and include the type, operation and Test Station personnel

  • We review your Application and organise a mutually convenient time to conduct an onsite audit at your site

  • You address any outstanding findings as a result of the audit such as quality documentation and equipment.

  • When all the outstanding items are addressed we issue you with a Certificate

  • We conduct an annual Audit at a mutually agreed time

How much does it cost?

Please contact us at or click on this link to go to our contact page and we can provide you with a quote.

What you should read

When you get some time, download the The Rules Governing The AGA Test Station Certification Scheme below. It contains all the relevant legal requirements and process details.