December 2023 NewsFlash - AGA

December 2023 NewsFlash

  • 23-12-2023

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AGA NewsFlash

Dear Industry and Friends,

As we draw close to the end of 2023 and the festive season of Christmas and New Year, it’s a time for reflection and celebration.

AGA and its industry members and partners have achieved remarkable milestones that set new standards in our industry. We successfully completed the Green Hydrogen Readiness Survey providing enlightening insights that will shape the future of the industry. Our efforts to bring industry leaders together bore fruit with the successful hosting of the AGA-CSA forum in May, a significant achievement especially considering the long-awaited easing of COVID restrictions.

A key highlight of the year was the release of the Hydrogen Appliance Technical Specification for public comment. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the industry’s commitment to innovation and safety as we transition to a net-zero gas industry. Speaking of safety, the GTRC Safety Critical Testing of high risk appliances is progressing well, reinforcing our dedication to delivering the highest safety standards for consumer safety.

The firm introduction date for Lead-Free requirements for WaterMarked products is another milestone that underscores our plumbing industry’s commitment to health and environmental sustainability.

In August this year, the launch of AGA’s Plumbers Community platform is a testament to AGA’s dedication to empowering plumbing professionals across Australia providing them with the tools, resources, and community support needed to excel in their trade.

Our partnership with H2Q led to the hosting of the largest hydrogen conference in Australia, held in Brisbane in September. This event brought together key stakeholders to discuss and shape the future of hydrogen in Australia.

Our prominence in the industry was further highlighted by our role as keynote speakers at the significant CSA forum. Additionally, our collaboration with KIWA in testing and hydrogen initiatives has opened new avenues for innovation and growth.

Finally, the November 2023 Annual General meeting was a great success, and the re-election of our Board of Directors is a vote of confidence in AGA’s direction and leadership. This sets a solid foundation for the year ahead.

Looking forward to 2024 we are poised to build on these achievements to make it an even bigger and better year, with a focus on:

* Driving innovation

* Enhancing safety, and

* Fostering sustainable practices in our industry.

The whole AGA Team would like wish for you and your families to have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

A special thank you and season’s greetings to our AGA members whose support and collaboration are invaluable to our collective success.

We are now closed and will re-open on the 15th January 2024. Any urgent matters should be addressed to 

Warm regards,

Bill Tabourlos

AGA Managing Director and CEO