Certified Gas Products - AGA Certified Gas Appliances and Components

Please click on the link below to access the latest edition of the AGA Directory which contains AGA certified gas products. Certified gas appliances and components listed in the directory hold current AGA Certifications as assessed independently by the Australian Gas Association. 

“Gas Appliance mark of quality and assurance – Always look for the AGA badge before buying a gas heater, a gas barbecue, a gas cooker, a gas water heater or any domestic gas product offered for sale in Australia!

Verify Gas Appliances and Components are AGA Certified - Safety First

The AGA Directory is where we list gas appliances and components which are AGA Certified for the benefit of the Australian community.  Whether you are looking to buy a gas heater, a gas cooker, a camping and leisure gas product or a gas bbq, check the AGA Directory first and always look for the AGA Badge or AGAMark!

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About AGA

The Australian Gas Association has served the Australian gas industry since 1925 as Australia’s membership gas industry association. Further, the association has been known as the AGA since 1962, when the National Gas Association and the Australian Gas Institute merged. There are many reasons why AGA was created. The most important include, the development of our gas Standards, certification of gas products and monitoring of certified gas products  Indeed, given AGA’s roots and make up in being not-for-profit and membership based, AGA’s primary objective is “safety” and not “profit” driven. 

AGA also works closely with each state and territory government regulatory authority. Even through AGA’s approval scheme precedes the formation of most of the regulatory authorities, AGA’s Schemes have been accepted and adopted under every legislation.