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Electrical Product Certification

We can assist you with your Certification needs for both declared and non-declared electrical equipment. Our experience and technical knowledge is second to none in the electrical Certification field

Who is it for?

Certification is for manufacturers and suppliers of electrical products who would like to legally sell their products into the Australian market.

What Products are covered?

All products reference in AS/NZS 4417.2 including cooking appliances, range hoods, dishwashers, fans, heaters, plugs, refrigerators and more...

What is the Certification process?


  • Complete our online application form and submit the technical specifications and drawings of your product

  • We review your Application and prepare a Test Program. Testing is conducted at one of AGA's Authorised Laboratories

  • You address any outstanding findings as a result of the testing such as markings & instructions. Supply the updated documentation and a Final Inspection Unit if requested by us. 

  • We conduct a Final Inspection if required and if all is satisfactory we issue you with a Certificate

How much does it cost?

Costs are broken into three areas, Certification, Testing and post Certification fees. Please contact us at office@aga.asn.au or click on this link to go to our contact page and we can provide you with a quote for your specific product.

What you should read

When you get some time, download the The Rules Governing The AGA Product Certification Scheme for Type-Tested Electrical Products below. It contains all the relevant legal requirements and process details.