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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my products certified by AGA??

Because AGA is a competent, independently accredited certifier and can help ensure your gas products satisfy Australian gas technical regulatory requirements regarding product safety.  This will help ensure you do not expose you or your company to unnecessary financial risk (eg through regulatory penalty or product recall). Having your product independently assessed against appropriate national safety standards helps demonstrate due diligence before you release it into the marketplace. Despite individual gas technical regulators having jurisdiction within their own State or Territory, an AGA Certificate entitles the Certificate Holder to market the certified product throughout Australia. AGA certification is also recognised overseas, for example in New Zealand and Hong Kong (subject to assessment against their local gas types). It is important to note that AGA certification is but one way to legally place product into the Australian marketplace. Customers can approach the gas technical regulators directly to explore other approval options that might be available.

Importantly, AGA is also accredited to provide certification services with respect to electrical and plumbing (WaterMark) products as well as Gas Cylinder Test Stations.


How much will it cost me to have my product certified - and how do I have to pay AGA for the service?

For gas related equipment, the fee will depend upon issues such as the type of product you are submitting for assessment, the number of gas types it is to be assessed against and whether or not your application relates to a currently certified item. General information about AGA fees is listed on this website under the top menu tabs as follows: Application Info/Type Tested Gas Products/Fee Quotations.

Costs associated with electrical and/or WaterMark certification can be found under similar links under Application Info.

You should also note that in all cases costs associated with laboratory testing are a separate commercial issue between you and the laboratory you contract.  If you elect to contract the AGA Laboratory for your testing, those testing costs will be quoted separately.  Please read the information about testing contained at Application Info/Type Tested Gas Products/Testing Requirements.


What should I know about Energy Rating label requirements for Gas Appliances?

Not all gas appliances require an Energy Rating label as a condition of AGA certification. At this stage, the only appliances that have such requirements are water heaters, space heaters and ducted air heaters.

Energy performance testing for these three categories of appliances is conducted in accordance with requirements stipulated in the appropriate standard/s. The results are used to "generate" a star rating/shading and are incoporated graphically into the energy label that is so familiar to the wider community.

AGA also records such energy performance information against the relevant individual appliances listed in the Directory of Certified Gas Appliances and Components. The annual energy consumption figures (MJ/year), and the associated star ratings/shadings, are listed under the appropriate column headings. The Directory can be viewed/downloaded from the Certified Product Directory section of this website.

NB: AGA recognises that consumers make purchasing decisions based upon a variety of reasons and not just energy performance - for example appliance design, specific features, dimensions of unit, colour options and, last but not least, price. Accordingly, and in the spirit of impartiality, AGA does not recommend any particular certified appliance over another.


How long would it take me to get my product certified?

For gas products, that largely depends upon the completeness of the documentation provided with your Application and the compliance of the product with the appropriate Test Programme. Where full and satisfactory documentation is provided with an Application, and the tested product satsifies all the certification requirements when tested in the laboratory, an AGA Certificate could be issued within a couple of weeks (subject to the selected testing facility being able to schedule testing). However, the time taken to issue a Certificate is typically much longer due to customers not initially meeting documentation requirements and/or the product submitted for testing revealing a number of non-conformances (against the relevant safety standard/s).

Applications relating to electrical products should be able to be completed in a matter of weeks, subject to the applicant lodging satisfactory documentation.  However, applications relating to the WaterMark are, by virtue of the nature of the Scheme, subject to greater documentary and factory inspection requirements (often overseas), all of which would result in a longer timeframe.  AGA will, wherever possible, work with each customer to facilitate projects to fit in with its marketing/production objectives.


Can competitors rely upon my AGA Certificate?

No. Every AGA Certificate carries a unique reference number and is issued to a single legal entity, which is responsible for ensuring all AGA certification requirements are complied with. This includes ongoing post-certification obligations such as those related to a formal Product Verification Audit process. If another entity sought to market similar (possibly considered identical) product within Australia, that entity would be required to obtain and maintain its own separate/unique AGA Certificate, including subjecting it to regular audit. Of course, your customers (and their customers in turn) can rely upon your AGA Certificate and, if necessary, you should provide them with a copy of your Certificate to establish its status.


Are there ongoing costs once I get my AGA Certificate?

For gas products, Yes - but they are minimal unless you wish to modify the product or the safety requirements relating to the product change. AGA applies an Annual Certification Renewal Fee for each AGA Certificate. The Annual Renewal Fee is payable irrespective of whether a Certificate is current or suspended.  This annual fee does not cover AGA costs associated with performing any routine product compliance audit. Customers are charged for audits on a time basis.  Other post-certification costs relate to the requirement that all gas appliances marketed as AGA certified must carry an appropriate AGA Makers Warranty Badge (or be covered by an AGAMark Licence). Maker's Warranty Badges are registered designs and must only be purchased from the AGA Technical Office. Affixing a badge to an appliance is deemed to be the Certificate Holders guarantee that it exactly matches the design of the latest technical specifications held on file by AGA for a currently certified appliance. Components do not have a badging requirement.  You should read the section on the AGAMark if this option is of interest.

Non-technical changes to the product (eg company name change or relevant standard title change) sometimes arise and these result in AGA having to reissue certification documentation and update various physical and electronic records. The minor administrative costs involved are then recovered from the Certificate Holder by applying an hourly charge.

There are also costs associated with modifying certified product and you should refer to the separate FAQ relating to this topic. Such costs, like any application for a completely new product, would include AGA scheduled fees as well as separate laboratory testing charges.

Electrical and WaterMark products are subject to the types of fees and charges described in the relevant Rules Governing but ongoing costs are always confined to a minimum and directly related to maintenance costs incurred by AGA including, as appropriate, those for providing audit services.  For some general information about fees, please refer to the relevant fee quotations section posted on this website.


What if I want to introduce a modification to my certified product?

You should first discuss any proposed modification with your designated AGA technical contact – and then you will be required to lodge a formal Application. If you introduce any unauthorised change to a product, you will automatically and immediately invalidate the Certificate and the product will not be considered as “AGA Certified”. Apart from this exposing you and/or your company to regulatory legal action, it would be a most serious breach of AGA certification requirements. The Rules Governing the AGA Product Certification Scheme includes reference to circumstances that can result in suspension and/or irrevocable cancellation of an AGA Certificate/s.


What if I want to transfer my AGA Certificate to somebody else?

An AGA Certificate is issued in the name of a single legal entity (the Certificate Holder). The Certificate Holder is held accountable by AGA for all certification requirements and costs. However, a Certificate Holder may request AGA to transfer a Certificate it holds to another legal entity (ie an AGA Customer only). This would ultimately result in the issue of a new Certificate in the name of that entity. In such cases, the AGA Certificate Number would not change, only the Certificate Holder details.
NB: To enable a transfer, AGA requires an appropriate authorisation from each party – ie the existing Certificate Holder and the “new” Certificate Holder. You can download a copy of the AGA Transfer Form from here.  The “new” Certificate Holder would also be liable for associated AGA administrative charges (based upon labour charges per Certificate). AGA may also require an audit of the certified product at the time of transfer.  There is no provision to transfer Certificates between Conformity Assessment Bodies.


How does AGA finance its Product Certification activities?

AGA Product Certification activities are fully funded by industry through fees and charges for services as described in the relevant AGA "Rules Governing". The fee quotations section posted on this website provides sosme further general information.  AGA is a not-for-profit organisation and its fees are designed to generate sufficient funds to adequately support its certification activities. Significant revenue streams relate, as appropriate, to the fees levied to process Applications, the annual maintenance of certifications and, for gas appliances, the sale of "Maker's Warranty Badges" to evidence each claim for certification in the wider community. For some customers, the purchase of an AGAMark Licence replaces the requirement to purchase and affix AGA Maker's Warranty Badges.  AGA does not receive any government funding.


Why does the AGA Product Certification Scheme for Type Tested Gas Products include an assesssment of my Quality Assurance (QA) or Quality Management (QMS) system?

The AGA Product Certification Scheme is based on the type testing of a representative sample of the product. Accordingly, it is essential that detailed technical specifications, etc are retained on file to help ensure subsequent production units can be adequately identified.

An audit process is established to confirm that production units continue to comply with certification requirements and the certified design. Quality control measures (under a QA or QMS Programme) significantly contribute to the ability of the Certificate Holder (and the Manufacturer, if different), to produce consistent and complying product. A key ingredient of any QA or QMS involves the capture and satisfactory resolution of customer complaints about the product. Such detail is particularly useful in helping to identify trends in product complaints and allows the Certificate Holder to identify and address any non-conformances in a timely and appropriate manner. The AGA Product Certification Scheme requires that customers demonstrate that they have satisfactory complaints systems in place and these are verified routinely at audit.

Quality systems that are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 include mandatory elements for complaints and corrective/preventative action which satisfy AGA requirements. Certificate Holders with such formal and independently audited quality systems, and who have an excellent AGA audit history, may be considered to have their AGA audit schedule extended - please refer to the Rules Governing (S9.6) and the Application Guidelines (S4.2) for more information.


If I want to use the AGA logo in product literature, etc what must I do?

The AGATM name and logo are legally protected and their unauthorised use is strictly prohibited. AGA accepts that customers may legitimately wish to include an appropriate reproduction in product and related materials and merely requires customers to formally request approval for such use. In determining the suitability, or otherwise, of the use of its trademark, AGA asks that the customer provide a draft of the relevant section of the product brochure, etc.  AGA will consider the context in which the logo will appear insofar as its reproduction does not infer certification of product models not covered by an AGA Certificate or suggest that the customer and/or its products are AGA recommended. (NB: the Certificate Holder is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the brochure, marketing materials, etc). AGA will assist customers wherever possible in satisfying its content and timeframe issues.  It should also be noted that any authorisation provided to a customer to reproduce the AGA logo can be withdrawn at any time and at the sole discretion of AGA.  Furthermore, authorisation from AGA is required for all uses of its logo and separate requests from a customer will be necessary if the customer intends to use the logo for any updated or additional materials.

It is important to note that the AGA Maker's Warranty Badges are also protected legally - and that AGA will under no circumstances authorise their reproduction.  The AGAMark is also legally protected and, except as provided for under Licence and in the associated Terms and Conditions, may not be reproduced.

Lastly, the Rules Governing has a section outlining badging requirements and the serious consequences of a breach by a Certificate Holder. Customers should be thoroughly conversant with the Rules Governing.


Do I have to be an AGA Member to have my product certified?

Absolutely not. The cost of obtaining an AGA certification (ie the AGA costs) is identical for members and non-members. However, for gas products in particular, there is a financial difference in maintaining a Certificate.  For example, when a Certificate needs to be renewed at the start of each Financial Year. However, the cost of membership is more than offset by the renewal saving on just a single Certificate.  It should also be noted that only AGA Members are permitted to apply for an AGAMark Licence, which (depending on the volume of certified product) has the capacity to deliver significant additional savings for members.  Please contact your Client Manager for more information if you have any questions.



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