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February 2020 NewsFlash

  • 29-02-2020

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Hydrogen Testing

Standards Update

Energy Companions – Hydrogen and Natural Gas

In a recent address to the National Press Club, Dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist discussed the role natural gas can play in transitioning to a clean energy future. Dr Finkel spoke about the challenges we face in transitioning to a clean energy future and possible pathways Australia could take to lower its emission outputs.
“While these (clean energy) technologies are being scaled up, we need an energy companion today that can react rapidly to changes in solar and wind output,” said Dr Finkel.
The energy companion needs to be relatively low in emissions, and that only operates when needed.
Both the Prime Minister The Hon Scott Morrison MP and Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister The Hon Angus Taylor MP have indicated that in the short term, natural gas will play a critical role.
Dr Finkel said that in addition to a mix of renewables and natural gas for electricity supply, hydrogen can be the “hero” for a range of other energy needs, including a feedstock for ammonia or a means to transport clean energy across long distances.

Dr Alan Finkel

“Because hydrogen operates in a similar way to natural gas, our natural gas generators can be re-configured in the future to run on hydrogen – neatly turning a potential legacy into an added bonus,” he said. 

“We truly are at the dawn of a new, thriving industry.

“There’s a nearly $2 trillion global market for hydrogen come 2050, assuming that we can drive the price of producing hydrogen to substantially lower than $2 per kg.”  Dr Finkel’s words were supported by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE), which called for swift transition to a clean energy economy.

“The need to transition our energy economy is a matter of urgency, and we should be prepared to seriously consider all safe, low-emissions technologies,” said ATSE President Professor Hugh Bradlow.  “Natural gas will play a role in transitioning to a low-emission economy.

Dr Finkel helped release the National Hydrogen Strategy in November 2019, detailing a plan for Australian governments and industry to grow the country’s hydrogen sector and turn the resource into a major energy export by 2030.

Hydrogen – Ready Set Go!

It is clear that hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in the energy sector and gas appliance manufacturers will need to consider the implications as we transition to a low emission economy.  As has been reported in previous editions of NewsFlash, a number of trials are being planned to blend hydrogen into the natural gas distribution network, and possibly transition to 100% hydrogen at some future stage.  AGA has developed a specialised hydrogen laboratory capable of testing gas appliances on 100% hydrogen or any blend of natural gas and hydrogen.   A number of manufacturers have already taken advantage of this service to find the maximum blend of hydrogen in natural gas that their appliances can safely tolerate and AGA has assisted some manufacturers in the development of 100% hydrogen ready appliances.  If these services are of interest to your company, please do not hesitate in contacting your AGA Client Manager or the AGA Laboratory Manager, Dennis Karafotias on +61 3 9580 4500. 

Latest Standards Updates

LPG Cylinder New Connection

The following relevant Standards relating to the new LPG Cylinder Connection are open for public comment until 12 March 2020

AS 4627:2017 Amd 1 (Quick-connect devices for gas)

AS 2473.2:2015 Amd 1 (Valves for compressed gas cylinders, Part 2: Outlet connections (threaded) and stem (inlet) threads)

AS 2473.1:2006 Amd 1 (Valves for compressed gas cylinders –
Specifications, type testing, and manufacturing tests and inspections)

Gas Appliance Standards

AS/NZS 5263.1.7 (Gas appliances, Part 1.7: Domestic outdoor gas cooking appliances) open for public comment until the 14th April 2020

AS/NZS 5263.0:2017 Amd 1 (Gas appliances, Part 0: General requirements) open for public comment until the 14th April 2020

If you would like to submit any comments, you may forward them to our Group Manager, Technical Operations, Mr Bill (Vasilios) Tabourlos [btabourlos@aga.asn.au], or directly through the Standards Australia website: Click Here 

Published Standards

The following Standards were published on the 24th January 2020, please contact your AGA Client Manager if your Certifications are affected:

AS/NZS 5263.1.1:2020 (Gas appliances, Part 1.1: Domestic gas cooking appliances ) 

AS/NZS 5263.1.2:2020 (Gas appliances, Part 1.2: Gas fired water heaters for hot water supply and/or central heating) 

AS 4632:2020 (Over-pressure and under-pressure shut off devices)

AS/NZS 5263.1.6:2020 (Gas appliances, Part 1.6: Indirect gas-fired ducted air heaters)