Gas Product Certification - Certify gas appliances and components

Gas Product Certification

AGA is the leading gas product certification agency in Australia with a keen focus on customer service and consumer safety.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of technical expertise which is unrivalled in the industry and enables us to provide the best product certification services to our customers. AGA also has many international partners to assist local customers access international markets and overseas customers achieve fast access to the Australian market whilst satisfying Australian regulatory requirements and providing assurance of consumer safety

Who is it for?

Certification is for gas appliance or component manufacturers and suppliers that wish to enter the markets in Australia and/or New Zealand and satisfy gas safety regulations in all national, state and territory jurisdictions.

What Products are covered?

All products referenced in AS3645:2017 "Essential requirements for gas equipment" including cooking appliances, water heaters, space heaters, laundry dryers, refrigerators, ducted heaters, barbecues, decorative appliances, valves, regulators, quick connect devices and more...

What is the Certification process?


How much does it cost?

Costs are broken into three areas, Certification, Testing and post Certification fees. Please contact us at or click on this link to go to our contact page and we can provide you with a quote for your specific product.

What should you read?

When you get some time, download the The Rules Governing The AGA Product Certification Scheme for Type-Tested Gas Products below. It contains all the relevant legal requirements and process details.