January 2022 NewsFlash - AGA

January 2022 NewsFlash

  • 30-01-2022

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AGA NewsFlash

AGA’s 60th Annual General Meeting

Hydrogen Transition Developments

New LPG Appliance Connection Deadline

Standards Update

AGA’s 60th Annual General Meeting

We successfully held our 60th Annual General Meeting on the 27th January 2022.

Since we changed our name to The Australian Gas Association in 1962, from the National Gas Association established in 1925, we have officially turned 60 and have a larger membership than ever.

AGA’s Chairman, Mr Chris Devlin, opened the meeting and welcomed AGA’s members and staff as well as introducing AGA’s Directors, Mr Malcolm Young, Mr Chris Wealthy, Mr Bill Tabourlos, Mr Frank Seeley and Mr Ian Forte.

The Chairman outlined the momentous year that AGA had and how far we have come, including the acquisition of the Mondo Laboratory in Sydney as well as Type B Certification in New South Wales and South Australia. The Chairman highlighted the importance of international relationships and how the Gas Appliance Certification Meeting of the Asia Pacific Region (GACM) keeps a strong information alliance with key countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. AGA will host the 12th GACM in Melbourne, Australia in November 2022, (subject to any COVID restrictions). Managing Director and CEO Bill Tabourlos is the current Chair of the GACM.

Mr. Tabourlos thanked all AGA Members for their ongoing support and discussed the future transition of our gas industry. He talked about the importance of AGA’s communication with Members and other gas industry stakeholders in anticipation of a transition.

Bill also added whether our industry transitions to hydrogen or to an alternative solution, all sectors of our industry need to work together to ensure a successful transition.

The Chairman closed the meeting and again thanked all who attended.

We are proud to be celebrating the 60th anniversary of AGA.
* AGA was set up all those years ago, as a national, not-for-profit, Membership based organisation.
* AGA’s Members comprise hundreds of companies and organisations from all over the world, including manufacturers and importers of gas, and plumbing products, plumbers and gas fitters and whitegoods.
* Read more about AGA’s history and how we will soon be celebrating our 100 year anniversary from our first establishment in 1925. https://www.aga.asn.au/about/history/

Hydrogen Transition Developments

Our gas industry has reached a few significant milestones in the exciting journey and ultimate goal of a carbon zero future.

Firstly, a multimillion dollar program has been agreed between Australia and Japan for the export of our clean hydrogen. The program named Australian Clean Hydrogen Trade Program (ACHTP) will support Australian-based hydrogen supply projects and is valued at $150 million. The Australian government has announced that this commitment is aimed at reducing emissions by working with other countries to reduce costs of clean energy technologies. Click here for more information

We have also seen the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier, the Suiso Frontier, arrive in Victoria last week. The Suiso Frontier will have a return journey between Japan and Australia to deliver 99.999% pure liquefied carbon neutral hydrogen produced by the gasification process from the Latrobe Valley.

This is a significant milestone for the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) Pilot Project which is anticipated to create 30,000 full-time jobs across the Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula regions. Click here for more information https://www.hydrogenenergysupplychain.com/dawn-of-australias-hydrogen-industry/

Relevant standards committees are also moving forward with the development of hydrogen appliance specific testing requirements. It is anticipated that requirements could be published within a few years.

Since the establishment of AGA’s Hydrogen appliance and components testing laboratory over 4 years ago, a large number of AGA members have been testing and developing hydrogen or hydrogen mix appliances. We are pleased to see our members embracing this exciting change and actively seeking solutions. As this transition approaches quickly and following AGA member feedback, we expect hundreds more of the AGA membership and future members to be developing their hydrogen range of appliances and components in the coming years.

Please contact Dennis Karafotias, AGA’s Laboratory Manager at lab@aga.asn.au to schedule your hydrogen meeting.

Reminder: New LPG Appliance Connection Deadline

The deadline for updating your AGA Certifications covering LPG cylinder connections for both components and appliances is approaching. As highlighted in earlier NewsFlashes, from the 1st April 2022, Type 21 (POL) connections are not permitted.

These will need to be completely replaced with the Type 27 connection in accordance with AS 4627. If you need assistance with your Certifications, please contact your AGA Client Manager.

Latest Standards Updates

AS/NZS 2658:2022 – LP Gas – Portable and mobile appliances was published on the 28th January 2022. 

If you have AGA Certifications which are affected, please contact your AGA Client Manager