July 2019 NewsFlash - GTRC Scheme Rules Update

July 2019 NewsFlash

  • 30-07-2019

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AGA NewsFlash

GTRC Scheme Rules Update

Victorian Coal to Hydrogen Plant

ATCO opens Clean Energy Innovation Hub

Standards Update

GTRC Scheme Rules UPDATE

AGA has received updated advice from the Gas Technical Regulators Committee (GTRC) regarding “The Declaration of Conformity to Type” required to be provided by AGA Certificate Holders.

As of the 1st January 2019, the GTRC Scheme Rules required new Certifications to be accompanied by a “Declaration of Conformity to Type” and, from the 1st January 2020, a “Declaration of Conformity to Type” must be provided for existing AGA Certifications.  AGA sought clarification of these requirements and the GTRC Chairman has confirmed that a “Declaration of Conformity to Type” cannot cover more than one Certificate.  Accordingly, a separate declaration form must be completed and signed for each AGA Certificate.

For the specific details regarding the “Declaration of Conformity to Type” please refer to ‘The Rules’ issued by the GTRC which lists the following items:

* Suitable systems are in place to ensure that gas equipment manufactured and supplied under coverage of an AGA Certificate conforms in every respect to the ‘Certified Design’.

* The markings on the gas equipment are consistent with information set out on the Certificate issued by AGA.

* The gas equipment meets the requirements of the standards to which it has been Certified.

* The gas equipment is safe. 

If you have any questions, please contact your AGA Client Manager.

Victorian Coal to Hydrogen Plant

On the 19th July construction began on a government backed pilot project that will produce hydrogen from brown coal and facilitate its transportation by sea to Japan in a purpose-built shipping tanker.  The project is lead by Hydrogen Engineering which is a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.  As part of its $500 million Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) project in the Latrobe Valley, the company is developing a hydrogen liquefaction plant and loading terminal located at Long Island in Westernport Bay, about 75km south east of Melbourne.  The terminal has been designed to liquefy hydrogen gas made from brown coal sourced from open-cut mining in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.  Completion of the HESC project is expected by mid-2020.

The hydrogen is produced by reacting coal with oxygen and steam under high pressures and temperatures to form a synthesis gas consisting primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

A consortium of Japanese and Australian infrastructure companies led by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in cooperation with the Victorian, Australian and Japanese governments will deliver the project.  The Victorian and Australian governments each contributed $50 million towards the project.

Australia is well placed to become a major producer of hydrogen and this pilot project is an important step and will enable Victoria to develop an alternative commercial enterprise utilising its abundant brown coal reserves.a

ATCO opens Clean Energy Innovation Hub

ATCO officially opened its new Clean Energy Innovation Hub (CEIH) located at its Jandakot Operations Centre on 18th July 2019.  ATCO’s $3.3 million facility will be a test bed for hybrid energy solutions and will integrate natural gas, solar PV, battery storage and hydrogen production.  

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency contributed $1.5 million to fund the project which will trial the production, storage and use of renewable hydrogen to energise a commercial-scale microgrid, testing the use of hydrogen in different settings and applications including in household appliances.

The Clean Energy Innovation Hub will provide valuable insights into how ATCO’s extensive gas distribution infrastructure can best be utilised as part of the future energy mix. Green hydrogen will be produced from on-site solar using electrolysis, fuelling a range of gas appliances and blending hydrogen into the natural gas pipeline.

Latest Standards Updates

The public comment period for AS 4631:2018 Amd 1 (Semi-rigid connectors for gas) completed on the 11th July 2019. The Standard will now proceed towards the publication process. 

If you have Certifications which are affected, please contact your Client Manager.