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July 2021 NewsFlash

  • 29-07-2021

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AGA NewsFlash

Victorian Government Gas Substitution Roadmap

AGA Acquires Mondo Laboratory and Type B Certification in NSW and SA

ANZ Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Forum

Standards Update

Victorian Government Gas Substitution Roadmap

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) invited the Australian Gas Association to make a submission in response to the Victorian Government Gas Substitution Roadmap Consultation Paper.

The Consultation Paper outlines potential transition pathways to achieve net zero emissions and identifies key issues that must be considered throughout this transition.

AGA’s submission focused on key topics related to opportunities and challenges related to the transition from Natural Gas to Hydrogen. The opportunity to produce hydrogen in Australia for local consumption and export would open up a new and sustainable industry while contributing significantly to our economy.

The opportunities flow onto gas product manufacturers to innovate new Hydrogen appliances and components. Many suppliers and manufacturers have already taken the first steps in developing Hydrogen ready appliances by using AGA’s dedicated Hydrogen testing facility in Braeside, Victoria.

The possibility of using dual fuel appliances during the transition was suggested, however, overall, proper testing will be key to avoiding and reducing incidents in the hydrogen conversion.

The main challenge we highlighted was the rate of regulatory change and Standard development, as suppliers and manufacturers will need clear direction and timeframes.

The details of the consultation can be found by clicking on the following link: https://engage.vic.gov.au/help-us-build-victorias-gas-substitution-roadmap

For testing and development of Hydrogen and Hydrogen mix appliances contact AGA’s Laboratory Manager, Dennis Karafotias lab@aga.asn.au

AGA Acquires Mondo Laboratory and Type B Certification in NSW and SA

As mentioned earlier this month, AGA is expanding its laboratory testing capability following the acquisition of Mondo’s laboratory located at 28 Raglan Rd in the Sydney suburb of Auburn NSW which will be well known to many in the gas industry.

From mid-August, AGA is pleased to offer laboratory testing services to NSW-based customers with the same experienced and dedicated technical staff. In addition to laboratory testing of Type A gas appliances, the acquisition also includes on-site testing and certification of Type B appliances in NSW and South Australia. AGA has worked very closely with Mondo Power Pty Ltd to ensure a seamless transfer and any work previously undertaken or planned by Mondo will be honoured by AGA.

The laboratory is accredited by NATA for testing a wide range of Type A gas appliances, components and controls as well as testing pipe materials and related products. There will be significant efficiencies to be gained by having laboratories in both Sydney and Melbourne and this will enable AGA to pass on these benefits to customers.

We look forward to offering excellent customer service and specialist laboratory services of the highest quality. If you have any enquiries regarding laboratory testing please contact our laboratory manager, Dennis Karafotias E: lab@aga.asn.au T: +61 3 9580 4500

ANZ Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Forum

AGA is delighted to be sponsoring the ANZ Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Forum to be held virtually on the 29th and 30th September 2021.

The forum has an extensive line of speakers ranging from organisations including CSRIO, University of Sydney, the Australian Institute, Monash University and Glencore to name a few. 

Some of the forum topics include, storing carbon in rocks, looking into the commercial value of carbon with capture roadmap and reviewing case studies in advances in carbon storage, transportation and utilisation solutions. 

AGA members are eligible for a 5% discount of the forum price, please contact the forum organiser for more details. 

For more information please click on the following link:

ANZ Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Forum

Latest Standards Updates

DR AS/NZS 5263.1.3:2021 Amd 1:2021 Gas appliances, Part 1.3: Gas space heating appliances is open for public comment until the 03/08/2021

DR AS/NZS 5263.1.8:2021 Amd 1:2021 Gas appliances, Part 1.8: Decorative effect gas appliances is open for public comment until the 3/08/2021

If you would like to submit any comments, go to the Standards Australia website: Click Here