July 2022 NewsFlash - AGA

July 2022 NewsFlash

  • 29-07-2022

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AGA NewsFlash

GTRC New Certification Scheme Rules

CSA Gas Industry Forum

Launch of 100% Hydrogen Water Heater

Standards Update

GTRC New Certification Scheme Rules

The Gas Technical Regulators of Australia have published an updated version of the Rules and you can download a copy HERE.

This version introduces a new category of gas equipment called High Risk Gas equipment. The gas products listed under this category will be required to undergo safety critical testing every 2 years as part of post certification surveillance activities. The safety critical testing is limited testing and defined by the Gas Technical Regulators of Australia. You can download a copy of the list of products covered and the testing required HERE.

The equipment under this category are:

* Open flued indoor water heaters * Open flued space heaters * Flueless space heaters * Type 2 open flued decorative effect appliances Note: Limited to efficient decorative appliances as detailed in Clause 5.2.101 of AS/NZS5263.1.8 * Domestic gas refrigerators * Radiant gas heaters

Note: Limited to area heaters, table top heaters and heaters for non-residential indoor use, excluding overhead radiant tube heaters

* LP portable and mobile appliances Note: limited to cookers with enclosed cartridges, and heaters. * Hose and hose assemblies Note: Limited to class A, B, C, and D hoses The High Risk Safety Critical Testing equipment list will be reviewed by the Gas Technical Regulators bi-annually at which time changes to the list and requirements will be considered. Determining factors to reduce or increase the testing will include:

* Field incidents and investigations * Standard changes * Input from industry stakeholders * Other relevant evidence demonstrating a change in risk *Recalls

AGA will be in touch with affected Certificate Holders to assist with management of this new requirement and with testing as required.

Please contact your AGA Client Manager if you have any queries.

CSA Gas Industry Forum

CSA hosted their annual forum in China on the 21st July 2022 which was well attended by key industry stakeholders.

Manufacturers and suppliers attended personally and via remote access to this exclusive and informative event.

AGA’s CEO & Managing Director, Mr Bill Tabourlos delivered the keynote speech and highlighted the strong and important long term corporation between AGA and CSA. Bill discussed recent changes in our industry and future challenges we will face, including the transformation to Hydrogen or alternative fuels and regular certification testing.

Mr Don Duan, AGA’s Business Development Manager presented the outline of the new and improved cooperation and collaboration between AGA & CSA. This includes the extended scope of testing of appliances and components at the CSA Guangzhou laboratory, for both gas and water products. Don outlined the introduction of the new GTRC Scheme Rules which includes the required two yearly Safety Critical Testing.

AGA’s Client Manager Tony Tong provided a detailed insight and guidance to GTRC Technical Guidance Bulletins including the various updates to recent published Standards.

The forum was a huge success and much needed for our industry following a dormant two years of COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Launch of 100% Hydrogen Water Heater

On 1st July 2022, Rinnai Australia Ltd launched its 100% Hydrogen powered residential instantaneous water heater during an exclusive event hosted by Rinnai Australia’s Managing Director, Mr Greg Ellis at Rinnai’s Melbourne premises.

Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change – Lily D’Ambrosio attended and congratulated Rinnai on the launch of its new appliance. Mr. Shingo Yamagami – Ambassador of Japan to Australia, praised Rinnai Australia Ltd for taking the global lead in successfully producing a residential water heater that runs entirely on hydrogen. Mr Yamagami also acknowledged AGA for highly evaluating this hydrogen technology.

Other attendees included Mr. Junji Shimada – Consulate-General of Japan in Melbourne, Dr. Alan Finkel – Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technologies, Mr Chris Devlin, AGA’s Chairman, Mr Chris Wealthy, Director, AGA, Mr Bill Tabourlos, AGA’s Managing Director, and Mr Craig de Laine, CEO of AGIG.

AGA’s Managing Director’s remarks at the event included, “The transformation to a net zero future is imminent and the Australian gas industry is well on its way to achieving that goal. As an industry, we have always worked together over a long and proud history. Today, we are working together to ensure a successful transition to a green hydrogen future.”

Mr Dennis Karafotias, AGA’s General Manager, Laboratory and Mr Tom Lord, AGA’s leading Renewable Energy Technical Advisor, managed the testing regime and conducted the 100% hydrogen performance testing of the appliance in AGA’s Melbourne Hydrogen Testing Laboratory. For all hydrogen testing inquiries please contact Dennis at hydrogen@aga.asn.au.

For more information about this event please Click Here

Also, view Mr Yamagami’s speech below:

Latest Standards Updates


AS 4563– 2022– Commercial catering gas equipment has been published on the 4th March 2022. There were some important amendments and additions to this Standard which may require additional testing of certified commercial catering appliances.

4621:2019 Amd 1:2022 – Regulator for use with liquefied petroleum — Vapour phase has been published on the 11th March 2022.

Please contact your AGA Client Manager for advice to upgrade your certifications. Note that it is a government requirement to update certifications within 2 years of when the Standard is published.