June 2021 NewsFlash - AGA

June 2021 NewsFlash

  • 29-06-2021

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AGA NewsFlash

100% Green Hydrogen Trial

REMINDER: New requirements for Gas Space Heating & Decorative Appliances

Dangerous Substances (LPG Cylinder Labelling) - Paddy’s Law

Standards Update

100% Green Hydrogen Trial

The city of Fife in Scotland has moved closer to launching the world’s first 100% green hydrogen network following the announcement of a £18 million (approx. AUD$33 million) funding allocation from the British energy regulator Ofgem (Office of Gas & Electricity Markets) to gas network company SGN.

Renewable electricity produced by off-shore wind generators will be used in an electrolyser to separate the hydrogen and oxygen from water. The initial 300 households will be given free hydrogen connections, free replacement hydrogen appliances and free maintenance over the length of the project. SGN said the hydrogen appliances would connect to the existing pipes for zero carbon cooking and heating.

New hydrogen-ready boilers will be provided but there will be no need to replace radiators or plumbing and households will pay the same as for natural gas.

The project aims to demonstrate how renewable energy produced by offshore wind can generate a secure and reliable supply of green hydrogen to heat homes. The plan is for a new pipe network to be laid which will duplicate the current natural gas system and customers will get the choice of staying with natural gas or switching to green hydrogen.

In Australia local manufacturers and importers are closely following developments overseas as more and more countries commit to zero net emission targets. Many manufacturers have already commenced planning for hydrogen-ready appliances and AGA has be able to assist these manufacturers in the development of hydrogen-ready appliances and appliances capable of operating on hydrogen/natural gas blends. If your company is interested in hydrogen testing contact AGA’s Laboratory Manager Dennis Karafotias E: lab@aga.asn.au T: +61 3 9580 4500.

REMINDER: New requirements for Gas Space Heating Appliances (open flued) and Decorative effect gas appliances (Type 2 – open flued)

New requirements under GTRC Technical Guidance Bulletins No’s 18 & 19 (compliance deadline of 1 January 2022) are in force. 

These new requirements relate to the risk associated with open flue appliances when exposed to negative pressure inside the home.  Over time, homes have become increasingly well sealed and a reduction in ventilation combined with more powerful exhaust fans has increased the risk of combustion products being drawn into the home. 

Full details of the guidance bulletins are available at:


Please note, certificates for products in these categories that do not comply with these requirements will be suspended / cancelled on 1 January 2022 and Certificate Holders should submit an Application to address these requirements as soon as possible.

Dangerous Substances (LPG Cylinder Labelling) - Paddy’s Law

In February 2020, a 16 year old boy, Paddy Ryan died in Port Lincoln South Australia after inhaling Propane gas from an LPG Cylinder.

As a result, a Bill was developed and introduced to the South Australian Legislative Council in 2020 and was named ‘Paddy’s Law’ in honour of Paddy and his family. The Bill required special LPG cylinder labelling provisions to warn of the dangers if LPG is inhaled. Both the Lower and Upper House passed the Bill in April 2021.

The inhalation warning labelling is now law in South Australia for LPG Cylinders as of the 17 June 2021. The Dangerous Substances (LPG Cylinder Labelling) Amendment Act 2021 outlining the details for the labelling can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

Latest Standards Updates

DR AS 4563:2021 (Commercial catering gas equipment) is open for public comment until the 20/07/2021  –  New requirements include items such as flame failure requirement for all burners, pre-mixed burner requirements, yum cha trolley requirements and duck oven requirements.

If you would like to submit any comments, go to the Standards Australia website: Click Here