March 2022 NewsFlash - AGA

March 2022 NewsFlash

  • 31-03-2022

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AGA NewsFlash

Renewable Hydrogen Project Tour

East Coast Hydrogen Highway

New LPG Cylinder Connection Transition Deadline is tomorrow!

Standards Update

Renewable Hydrogen Project Tour

AGA’s Renewable Energy Team was invited to a site tour of Jemena’s Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Project on the 28th of March 2022.

The injection point for the renewable gas project was constructed at the Horsley Park site to allow future projects to tap straight into the natural gas line that powers Sydney. The site currently includes a 500kW PEM electrolyser stack powered with renewable energy. The entire system was designed with the future potential to upgrade to a 1000kW PEM stack with very minimal changes to the current project.

Being the first ARENA funded project of its kind and size back in 2018, the green power to green gas initiative has now successfully provided power to 250 homes in one of Jemena’s secondary gas networks. The newly formed Renewable Energy Team at AGA was able to start off strong by seeing the inner workings of the green gas production plant. The opportunity to discuss key technical issues with the facility’s scientists and engineers was as equally valuable as the experience of seeing one of the key foundations of Australia’s hydrogen transition.

AGA’s Renewable Energy Team hold positions on the Standards Australia ME-093 Hydrogen Technologies Committee and as such continues to contribute to AGA’s longstanding knowledge of the gas industry as our industry evolves. ME-093 was able to have a face-to-face meeting in Sydney recently after dealing with Covid-19 restrictions for two years. The committee discussed important matters regarding hydrogen mobility, transmission, end user appliances and installation. Several projects were kicked off officially and plans were formed for the various working groups to discuss further. For more information regarding hydrogen or renewable energy projects please email our team at

East Coast Hydrogen Highway

The transport industry is making headways and attracting important government investments to fast-track Australia’s net zero goals and supporting our overall green hydrogen transition.

NSW, Queensland and Victoria are collaborating in what is considered an extraordinary milestone for hydrogen in the transport industry. It has been reported the governments of the three states will be signing a Memorandums of Understanding for the refuelling corridors, starting with the Hume Highway, the Pacific Highway and the Newell Highway.

At an estimated cost of $10 million provided by the Victorian government, four massive hydrogen refuelling stations between Sydney and Melbourne will initially be built. The NSW government will be matching this investment for a total of a $20 million grant program which will support the design and delivery of the Hume Hydrogen Highway (HHH) between Melbourne and Sydney.

Transport is one of Australia’s largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions accounting for approximately one quarter of the Victoria’s carbon footprint. In addition, just last month the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report stated that Australia will have more floods, bushfires and droughts and stands to lose entire ecosystems to climate change. Given the fast-approaching issues related to climate change, we anticipate this initiative for the transport industry will pave the path for further government investments for other industries.

Victoria’s Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio has stated:

“The renewable hydrogen highway will create new jobs, drive investment across the east coast and is a landmark step towards meeting Victoria’s target to reach net-zero by 2050.”

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New LPG Cylinder Connection Transition Deadline is tomorrow!

The deadline for updating your AGA Certifications covering LPG cylinder connections for both components and appliances is tomorrow – 1st April 2022. This means that Type 21 (POL) connections will not be permitted in accordance with the GTRC guidance bulletin.

These will need to be completely replaced with the Type 27 connection in accordance with AS 4627. If you need assistance with your Certifications, please contact your AGA Client Manager.

Latest Standards Updates

AS 4563– 2022– Commercial catering gas equipment has been published on the 4th March 2022. There were some important amendments and additions to this Standard which may require additional testing of certified commercial catering appliances.

4621:2019 Amd 1:2022 – Regulator for use with liquefied petroleum — Vapour phase has been published on the 11th March 2022.

Please contact your AGA Client Manager for advice to upgrade your certifications. Note that it is a government requirement to update certifications within 2 years of when the Standard is published.

DR AS/NZS 4020:2018 Amd 1:2021 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water is out for public comment until 13th May 2022. If you would like to make comment, please Click Here