May 2020 NewsFlash - AGA

May 2020 NewsFlash

  • 29-05-2020

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Federal Government releases Technology Investment Roadmap

The Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, The Hon Angus Taylor MP released the Federal Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap on 21st May 2020 which reveals the government plans to invest in technologies such as hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, soil carbon sequestration, biofuels, resources and energy exports.

The Minister emphasised that investment priority would be given to low emission technologies that strengthened our economy and support jobs as we recover from COVID-19 and help to reduce global emissions whilst not imposing new costs on Australian households.

The government acknowledges that over the last ten years the price of renewable energy has fallen significantly and that cost of renewables are likely to become the most affordable energy source, however, it argues that they are not yet reliable enough. The government is therefore looking to alternate developing technologies, as well as domestic gas stabilise the energy transition.
Minister Taylor said the government would back new and emerging technologies that will:
• Supply affordable and reliable energy to households and industry to support jobs and the economy;
• Increase the productivity of export sectors like agriculture, energy, metals and minerals processing;
• Allow Australia to capitalise on opportunities to develop new industries and jobs; and
• Position Australia to support our trading partners’ plans to reduce emissions through the export of low emissions technologies, energy and other products.

The Government has appointed a Ministerial Reference Panel, led by Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel, to support the development of the first Low Emissions Technology Statement that will be published later this year. The Roadmap will be a cornerstone of Australia’s Long Term Emissions Reduction Strategy, to be released ahead of COP26.

Through the Technology Investment Roadmap process, clear goals will be set for the most important and prospective of these – as has been done under the ‘H2 under $2’ program.

The Government has already made substantial investments in clean energy technology, with more than $10 billion invested in more than 670 clean energy projects with a total project value in excess of $35 billion. To contribute to the Roadmap process, visit:

Written submissions are open until Sunday, June 21, 2020.

H2 Testing - Get your appliances tested now

As mentioned in our February 2020 NewsFlash, it is clear that hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in the energy sector and gas appliance manufacturers will need to consider the implications as we transition to a low emission economy. 

A number of trials are being planned to blend hydrogen into the natural gas distribution network, and possibly transition to 100% hydrogen at some future stage. AGA has developed a specialised hydrogen laboratory capable of testing gas appliances on 100% hydrogen or any blend of natural gas and hydrogen.   A number of manufacturers have already taken advantage of this service to find the maximum blend of hydrogen in natural gas that their appliances can safely tolerate and AGA has assisted some manufacturers in the development of 100% hydrogen ready appliances. 

If these services are of interest to your company, please do not hesitate in contacting your AGA Client Manager or the AGA Laboratory Manager, Dennis Karafotias at

COVID-19 Update

We want to assure our customers that all AGA’s Certification & Laboratory Testing Services are continuing as usual, however, to keep our staff and customers safe during the COVID-19 crisis we’ve made some changes to the way we work, including;

* All AGA premises have been closed to visitors and virtual meetings e.g. Zoom or Microsoft Teams are used to replace face-to-face meetings.
* The AGA Laboratory is operating as normal with deliveries received at the normal despatch area in Jarrah Drive.
* All AGA Client Managers, Admin and Reception staff are working from home.
* You can contact AGA by general email or directly to your Client Manager’s email or mobile phone.
• Regrettably, the AGA Industry Forum has been cancelled this year but we look forward to hosting this event again next year.

We sincerely thank all those with whom we deal for their patience and understanding.

Hydrogen Certification Scheme

The Hydrogen Strategy Team within the Federal Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources recently released an online survey on a hydrogen certification scheme.

Development of a hydrogen certification scheme is a standardised process of tracing and certifying where and how hydrogen is made and the associated environmental impacts (for example, greenhouse gas emissions). It provides consumers with transparency around the environmental impacts of the hydrogen they use.  Australia is ideally placed to become a major producer and exporter of hydrogen and, as outlined in the National Hydrogen Strategy, will seek to play a lead role in designing and developing an international hydrogen certification scheme.

The Department is interested in views from Australian stakeholders actively engaged in the Australian hydrogen industry about the key attributes of a certification scheme, for example, hydrogen producers, consumers or exporters. This will help the department understand the most important high-level aspects of an international and/or domestic hydrogen certification scheme and will help guide future consultations on the detailed design of any scheme.

Producers, exporters and consumer of hydrogen along with other hydrogen stakeholders are encourage to participate in this survey which can be accessed via the link below.

Click Here

The survey is open until 22 June 2020. 

Latest Standards Updates

Cylinder Test Stations

AS 2337.3 (Gas cylinder test stations, part 3: transportable gas cylinders – periodic inspection and testing of composite cylinders) is open for public comment until the 12th June 2020

Gas Installation Standards

AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 Amd 4 (Gas installations, Part 1: General installations ) is open for public comment until the 16th June 2020

AS/NZS 5601.2 (Gas installations Part 2: LP Gas installations in caravans and boats for non-propulsive purposes) is open for public comment until the 16th June 2020

If you would like to submit any comments, you may forward them to our Group Manager, Technical Operations, Mr Bill (Vasilios) Tabourlos [], or directly through the Standards Australia website: Click Here