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May 2023 NewsFlash

  • 06-06-2023

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AGA NewsFlash

AGA-CSA Forum 2023

2nd Annual Hydrogen Connect Summit

Standards Update

AGA-CSA Forum 2023

AGA and CSA joined forces to host an exceptional forum in China on the 18th May 2023, which proved to be an overwhelming success. This highly anticipated event attracted a multitude of esteemed guests, including manufacturers, suppliers, and influential leaders from the industry. The presence of such a diverse and knowledgeable audience contributed to the forum’s vibrancy and created a rich atmosphere for networking and knowledge exchange.

The event commenced with a captivating opening speech by Nancy Ge, the General Manager of CSA. Nancy highlighted the fruitful collaborations and strong partnership between AGA and CSA. She emphasised the importance of collective efforts in advancing the gas and plumbing industries and praised the synergistic achievements that have been realised through the collaboration between the two organisations.

The forum then proceeded with an insightful keynote speech delivered by AGA’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Bill Tabourlos. This address provided a comprehensive overview of the gas industry, highlighting the exciting developments on the horizon as the sector transitions from Natural Gas to Hydrogen. The speech delved into various aspects, including the future introduction of the Hydrogen appliance Australian specification and the remarkable advancements in hydrogen development and testing at the AGA Hydrogen laboratory.

AGA’s Business Development Manager, Don Duan, also took the stage to share invaluable insights on a wide range of topics crucial to the industry. The presentation encompassed gas certifications, testing methodologies, collaborative initiatives, and AGA’s position as the leader in delivering high-quality, efficient services. Of particular interest was the rapid expansion of the WaterMark scheme for certifying plumbing products, which generated considerable enthusiasm among the attending manufacturers. The Business Development Manager’s comprehensive expertise resonated with the audience and further reinforced AGA’s reputation as an industry leader.

The forum also featured presentations by CSA’s senior technical managers, who offered detailed explanations of Australian standards. Their comprehensive coverage provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the intricate requirements specific to Australia. The expertise shared by CSA further enriched the forum, showcasing the collaborative efforts between AGA and CSA to foster a robust and compliant gas, hydrogen, and plumbing industry.

The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the informative and engaging nature of the forum. The attendees were highly engaged throughout the event and continued their discussions over a delightful dinner, further cementing the connections made during the forum. It was evident that the forum left a lasting impression on all who participated, leaving them inspired and equipped with valuable knowledge to shape the future of the gas and plumbing industries.

The AGA and CSA forum not only provided a platform for insightful discussions and presentations but also became a momentous occasion to celebrate a remarkable milestone: the 10-year anniversary of the AGA and CSA partnership. The significance of this achievement was highlighted through a special ceremony held during the event, where the enduring collaboration and the outstanding progress made over the past decade were honored and recognised.
The accompanying photos from the event capture the energy and enthusiasm that permeated the forum. They serve as a visual testament to the memorable moments shared among industry professionals, and a reminder of the invaluable connections forged during this remarkable event. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS


2nd Annual Hydrogen Connect Summit

6-7 Sept 2023 | Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

AGA is proud to be a Supporting Partner on Hydrogen Queensland’s 2nd Annual Hydrogen Connect Summit 2023. AGA is excited to offer its industry network a Special 20% Discount off Summit registration. To take advantage of this offer please register via this unique registration link and enter Discount Code: AGA20%

With Hydrogen Queensland’s 2nd Annual Hydrogen Connect Summit just 3 months away we are excited to share with you some of the topics and key themes for 2023. Once again you will be spoiled for choice with a preliminary program designed to be as bold as the recent government announcements. For whatever you say or feel the hydrogen sector is here to stay and will be game changing in the next few months and the more distant future.

In close consultation with our HYDROGEN CONNNECT SUMMIT Advisory Board, we have been hard at work researching the most pertinent topics and issues currently facing Queensland (& Australia’s) hydrogen community.

In 2023 you will once again be presented with a world class Summit program which has been designed BY INDUSTRY, FOR INDUSTRY. As an industry/policy influencer and a true “not for profit” organisation, Hydrogen Queensland (H2Q) is taking ownership of the conversation. It is our priority to connect businesses and accelerate the growth of Queensland (& Australia’s) hydrogen economy.


* Early Bird Rate expires on Fri 30 June

The program is designed to offer you more certainty, clarity, lessons learned and future anticipations to de-risk your decision making as you strive toward your zero emission ambitions. Sessions and topics to be addressed in the 2023 program include:


1. Federal and State Government Lessons Learned: Future Plans to Align Policies, Mitigate Risks, Remove Barriers, and Accelerate the Australian Hydrogen Economy

2. Aligning European, Australian, American and Asian Emissions Accounting and Reporting Rules to Substantiate Emissions Claims Associated with Hydrogen Energy Use

3. Leveraging and Assessing the Success Criteria of Grant Funding Initiatives to De-risk Investment, Production, Distribution and Early Transition Offtake and the Advancement of Renewables

4. Focus on Asia: Investment and Offtake Commitments and Future Intentions to Grow the Australian Hydrogen Economy and Achieve Asia’s Decarbonisation Ambitions: Invited Panelists from Japan, Singapore and Korea

5. Investing in Bankable Hydrogen Projects and the Broader Hydrogen Market: Risks and Rewards

6. Corporate Case Study Panel Discussion: Gladstone Hydrogen Hub – Overcoming the Challenges and Lessons Learned in Delivering Hydrogen to Gas Network Offtakers: Insights from HyP Gladstone

7. Corporate Case Study Panel: Connecting with the Right Partners and Allies to Reach Financial Close and Deliver Green Hydrogen to Domestic and International Offtakers at the Right Price


1. Renewables Supply/ Demand Panel Discussion
2. Common Use Infrastructure Panel Discussion
3. Social License Panel Discussion
4. Refueling Panel Discussion


1. An Update on Hydrogen Safety Standards 2023 to offer Certainty, Transparency and Codes of Best Practice between States and Federal Government

2. Mobility Essentials for Transport Operators to Decarbonise their Fleets

3. Hydrogen Skills and Workforce Design, Build and Planning required to Serve a Well Operated Hydrogen Sector

4. Building the Financial Case to Transition to Hydrogen: Offtaker Workshop

5. How to Leverage the GO Scheme to Unlock Value for your Certified Renewable Hydrogen Investment, Production and Offtake Activities

6. Pre-empting your Green Hydrogen Project Risks with Sound Social License to Operate Practices 

7. Finding the Sweet Spot for e Fuels, Biofuels and Synfuels to Decarbonise Quickly

8. New ISO Standards on Emissions Accounting for Hydrogen: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Requisites

Roundtable Discussion Groups with feedback on Day 1 of the Summit from the preceding workshops, to afford Summit delegates with the key take-outs.


1. Waste to Gas Plant
2. Hydrogen Electrolysis Production in Action
3. Waste to Energy Reforming
4. New Energy Hydrogen Production and Storage with Hydrogen Power Banks


Logistics and Mobility, Rail, Steel & Mining


Coming to you soon…


The return of the ever-popular Pitch Battle


Get involved early and make Hydrogen Connect Summit part of your strategic marketing plan for 2023. Gain access to a database of 12,000+ key hydrogen decision makers across Queensland & Australia.

To discuss any of the opportunities outlined in our 2023 PARTNERSHIP PROSPECTUS or to tailor a package to suit your specific requirements, please contact:

Phil McDermott: m: +61 491 209 066 | e:

2nd Annual Hydrogen Connect Summit 2023

6-7 September 2023 (Pre-Summit Workshops & Technical Tours on 5 September)

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

600+ C Suite Executives, Heads of Department, Academic Professionals, Senior Management representing upstream, mid-stream and down-stream layers across Australia’s Hydrogen supply chain.

Register Now at the Early Bird Rate of $1,900 & SAVE $1,000

Latest Standards Updates

The following Standards were published on 2 June 2023

AS 1869.0:2023 – Hose and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gases (LP Gas), natural gas and town gas, Part 0: General requirements

AS 1869.1:2023 – Hose and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gases (LP Gas), natural gas and town gas, Part 1: Non-metallic liners

AS 1869.2:2023 – Hose and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gases (LP Gas), natural gas and town gas, Part 2: Metallic liners

SA HB 225:2023 – Guideline for blending hydrogen into pipelines and gas distribution networks