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New LPG Cylinder Connection

  • 19-02-2020

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LPG Cylinder Connection

As announced in our December 2019 and January 2020 Newsflashes, three key Standards are currently out for public comment outlining a change of the typical domestic LPG cylinder connection design from the Type 21 (POL) to a Type 27.

In particular the three Standards currently out for public comment are as follows:

* AS 4627:2017 Amd 1 (Quick-connect devices for gas)

* AS 2473.2:2015 Amd 1 (Valves for compressed gas cylinders, Part 2: Outlet connections (threaded) and stem (inlet) threads)

* AS 2473.1:2006 Amd 1 (Valves for compressed gas cylinders – Specifications, type testing, and manufacturing tests and inspections)

The public comment period ends on the 12th March 2020.

Click here to download the draft Standards and make public comment.

For ease of reference, we have summarised some of the changes to assist our members with understanding how it may affect AGA Certifications, manufacturing, sourcing and supply:

Responsibility of the Gas Appliance and Component Supplier – AS 4627

This Standard sets out the requirements for the Type 27 connection for an LPG regulator or a hose assembly. This is a component which appliance manufacturers will be responsible for sourcing or manufacturing. When reviewing this Standard, we believe it’s best to separate the performance requirements and thread specifications as follows:

Performance Requirements:

The performance requirements in the draft AS 4627:2017 Amd 1 has been based on existing AS 4627 testing however with some consideration of UL 2061 (Standard for Adapters and Cylinder Connection Devices for Portable LP-Gas Cylinder Assemblies) and ANSI Z21.81/CSA 6.25 (Cylinder Connection Devices).

Laboratory testing will be required if the Standard is published given that any existing UL or CSA test reports to UL 2061 or CSA 6.25 may not satisfy the AS 4627 testing requirements.

Thread Specifications:

The proposed Type 27 thread specifications are based on CGA V-1 (Standard for compressed gas cylinder valve outlet and inlet connections), in particular the CGA 791 connection. Even though most of the specifications are identical it is important to note that the “nose radius” and “nose radius start” dimensions have a different tolerance/range.

Sourcing a UL 2061 or CSA 6.25 connection does not guarantee compliance with the thread tolerance specifications of the proposed Type 27 connection.

Responsibility of the Gas Cylinder Valve Supplier – AS 2473.1 & AS2473.2

These Standards set out the requirements of the Type 27 connection of an LPG cylinder valve. The thread specifications set out in AS 2473.2 are identical to the CGA 791 connection.

However, if sourcing a new valve (not already AGA certified), the design and performance requirements may need to be re-assessed to verify compliance with AS 2473.1 unless accredited laboratory reports can be supplied to cover testing under UL 2061 or ANSI Z21.81/CSA 6.25.