November 2021 NewsFlash - AGA

November 2021 NewsFlash

  • 30-11-2021

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AGA NewsFlash

H2 Testing – Get Appliances Tested Now

AGA-KGS Regular Summit Meeting

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Standards Update

H2 Testing – Get Appliances Tested Now

As mentioned in previous NewsFlashes, it is clear that hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in the energy sector and gas appliance manufacturers will need to consider the implications as we transition to a low emission economy.

A number of trials are underway where hydrogen is blended into the natural gas distribution network, and possibly transition to 100% hydrogen at some future stage. AGA has developed a specialised hydrogen laboratory capable of testing gas appliances on 100% hydrogen or any blend of natural gas and hydrogen.  A number of manufacturers have already taken advantage of this service to find the maximum blend of hydrogen in natural gas that their appliances can safely tolerate and AGA has assisted some manufacturers in the development of 100% hydrogen ready appliances.

If these services are of interest to your company, please do not hesitate in contacting your AGA Client Manager or the AGA Laboratory Manager, Dennis Karafotias at

AGA-KGS Regular Summit Meeting

AGA hosted the 5th regular AGA-KGS summit meeting this year to discuss important matters and the strategic collaboration between the two organisations. The meeting was held virtually due to COVID restrictions, albeit was successful overall.

As it has been over two years since the last meeting, the new appointed CEO’s of both organisations, Mr Hae-jong Lim of KGS and Mr Bill Tabourlos of AGA met for the first time. Both acknowledged the special relationship between KGS and AGA which has been built upon trust and respect over many years and they hope for it to continue to grow for many years to come.

AGA’s Chairman Mr Chris Devlin delivered the opening address and emphasised the importance of working closely with KGS, to ensure that community safety in their respective countries is not compromised while the world moves to a carbon free future. Mr Devlin acknowledged that governments of Australia and Korea are embracing Hydrogen as the potential fuel of the future. In view of this, the relationship between AGA and KGS will prove even more important going forward.

AGA’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Bill Tabourlos mentioned how AGA has been directly involved with the hydrogen appliance testing and participation on key hydrogen committees. He pointed out that the successful projects undertaken over the past 15 years are an indication of how AGA and KGS can work together on the important gas industry transition.

Mr Hae-jong Lim also acknowledged the important long standing cooperation, benchmarking and regular exchanges between KGS and AGA over the years. Mr Lim discussed the decarbonisation transition in our industry and as result the changes KGS has introduced, such as becoming a “hydrogen safety agency”.

AGA plan to host the 6th Annual regular KGS-AGA Summit meeting in late 2022 in person, and look forward to seeing each other again.

Did You Know?

AGA Certifies Gas Cylinder Test Stations in accordance with the AS 2337 series of Standards. Cylinders are required to be inspected and tested by Certified Test Stations before they can be offered for sale to the Australian community. They are also required to be periodically inspected and tested while in circulation. LPG Cylinders for example are required to be inspected and tested every 10 years, and must be stamped with a Certified Test Station mark and date of assessment.

Please contact your AGA Client Manager if you would like more information.

Latest Standards Updates

AS/NZS 5263.1.3:2021 Amd 1:2021 – Gas appliances, Part 1.3: Gas space heating appliances


AS/NZS 5263.1.8:2021 Amd 1:2021  – Decorative effect gas appliances

Were published on the 12th November 2021. There was some important amendments to these Standards which may affect your Certifications.