November 2022 NewsFlash - AGA

November 2022 NewsFlash

  • 05-12-2022

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AGA NewsFlash

Hydrogen Conference 2022

6th AGA-KGS Annual Summit

AGA Closure during Christmas and New Year

Standards Update

Hydrogen Conference

The 2022 Positioning Hydrogen Conference held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre was a great success! Distinguished speakers from industry and academia from Australia and overseas presented the developments and studies from our hydrogen industry.

The conference started with insights of how Australia is advancing towards a leading global hydrogen player. This was covered by distinguished speakers from the Office of Hydrogen Power SA, Scaling Green Hydrogen Cooperative Research Centre, Oli Energy and the Hydrogen Society of Australia.

Hydrogen finance, investment, and incentives was covered in detail and well-presented by KPMG. This was followed by The University of Queensland and Yamagata University, Japan who discussed Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Production.

The Victorian renewable hydrogen production and supply hub was presented by Monash University and Australian Carbon Innovation, Australia. Advisian and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology then followed to cover Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

Real-time application of advanced technology in the emerging new hydrogen market was discussed by University of Melbourne and GPA Engineering. 

More relevant to our part of the industry, AGA’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Bill Tabourlos, delivered a presentation to discuss transitioning from domestic gas appliances to hydrogen. Bill dissected each of the chemical properties of Natural Gas and Hydrogen and related these to appliance design and testing challenges. He also took the audience on a journey back in time where he explained our historical fuel transitions and AGA’s contributions and mission to consumer safety.

Overall, the conference was successful and provided a balanced insight about various sectors in our emerging hydrogen industry.

6th AGA-KGS Annual Summit

AGA Chairman, Mr Chris Devlin, AGA Managing Director, Mr Bill Tabourlos and KGS President and CEO, Mr Hae-jong Lim finally met in person for the long-awaited 6th official Annual Regular KGS-AGA Summit.

AGA welcomed the KGS delegation on 16 November to the renowned AGA Laboratory based in Melbourne where the Summit was held. President Lim was accompanied by senior KGS officials, including KGS’s General Manager, Safety Policy Division and Deputy General Manager – Gas Appliances Department of Test & Inspection Division.

The delegation had an exclusive tour of AGA’s Hydrogen Testing facility which was established in 2018 and has assisted industry with hydrogen appliance development and safety performance. The tour included demonstrations of AGA’s performance testing as well as its appliance and component safety divisions of the laboratory.  

The main discussion points of the Summit included safety testing and inspections of current gas appliances and the future expansion of hydrogen testing on products in Australia and Korea. Both organisations agreed to collaborate and share critical safety information to ensure we maximise the contribution to consumer safety in both countries.

The 7th AGA-KGS Summit will be hosted in Korea where AGA’s delegation will have the opportunity to tour KGS’s facilities and continue to exchange valuable safety critical information for our industry.

AGA Closure during Christmas and New Year

The AGA offices and laboratories in both Melbourne and Sydney will close briefly over the Christmas and New Year periods.

Our last day of the year will be 22 December 2022 and we will return on the 4 January 2023.

Latest Standards Updates

AS/NZS 5263.0 Gas Appliances; Part 0: General Requirements is out for public comment until the 15th December 2022. 

If you would like to submit any comments, you may forward them directly through to Standards Australia – See the following guide: Click Here