November 2023 NewsFlash - AGA

November 2023 NewsFlash

  • 03-12-2023

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AGA NewsFlash

AGA's Green Hydrogen Readiness Survey Report

New Shift in Australia’s Steel Manufacturing

Safety Critical Testing

Christmas closure

Standards Update

AGA's Green Hydrogen Readiness Survey Report Now Available

We have released our Green Hydrogen Readiness Survey report outlining results of the nation’s gas industry and its preparedness for the transition to green hydrogen. The survey collected responses from a diverse group of stakeholders from the upstream and downstream sectors, manufacturers and plumbers.

This report is an important resource for anyone interested in the future of green hydrogen in Australia. It sheds light on industry participation and awareness, with significant representation from manufacturers and plumbers. Readers will find intriguing details on the various challenges faced by the industry, ranging from financial implications and regulatory hurdles to the need for infrastructure upgrades and safety concerns.

Investment and transition strategies form a key part of the report, providing a sneak peek into how different sectors are preparing for the future. The survey highlights the efforts in research and development, especially in the manufacturing sector, and the strategic plans being rolled out by upstream organisations.

Furthermore, the report touches upon crucial aspects of training and education, and the role of government and legislation in this transition, revealing varying levels of awareness and the need for public awareness campaigns.

Priced at $99 for instant access by clicking here.

This report is also available for free to AGA members, who will receive a separate communication with details on how to access it. AGA members can also contact their Client Manager for more information.

New Shift in Australia’s Steel Manufacturing Process – Green Hydrogen

Green steel could soon be making an appearance in Australia with a new hydrogen hub planned to be built in Whyalla, South Australia. This commitment between the State and Federal government reached an agreement of $100 million for the private sector to accelerate hydrogen production for use in the country. 

Not only is steel the most common used metal used globally, but also steel manufacturing alone is responsible from producing 8% of all global emissions – more than any other heavy industry. For this reason, the production of green steel has attracted the attention to decarbonise this industry rapidly. Green steel can be possible by utilising green hydrogen to power the manufacturing process as a replacement to fossil fuels or additionally used as a key chemical reactant.

Green hydrogen will be produced from a hydrogen hub located in Port Bonython from extensive solar and wind farms where the hub is expected to produce 1.8 million tonnes of green hydrogen each year by 2030. It’s planned to not only produce hydrogen at a large scale but export hydrogen in the future to bolster its potential and use. This new opportunity has opened Australia to the many benefits of utilizing hydrogen as not only an alternative to fuel, but also a key reactant for green chemical reactions and processes. Some green reactions to support the decarbonisation of emissions in the manufacturing industry also include the production of green concrete, ammonia, and ethanol etc.

The general concern with producing green hydrogen from renewable energy is that it’s considered not energy efficient. However at times solar panels are switched off due to excessive energy being generated. If this excess of energy produced can be utilized to power the electrolyzers, this will increase the maximum use of renewable energy providing a concurrent and promising future of all renewable technologies.

Safety Critical Testing

As a reminder to our Members and Certificate Holders and as mentioned in previous NewsFlashes, the Gas Technical Regulators Committee (GTRC) introduced additional post-certification testing requirements for high-risk gas equipment in June 2022, which are defined in Version 4 of The Rules and the GTRC High Risk Equipment Safety Critical Testing document. These documents are available at:

Gas Scheme Rules


High Risk Equipment Safety Critical Testing 

There is only 7 months remaining for the mandatory 2-year cycle period for testing, and it’s essential to meet this new regulatory requirement. We appreciate the Members and Certificate Holders who have responded to our request for testing, which is required to be carried out during this 2-year period. 

If you have any queries, please contact your AGA Client Manager, or you can email us at

Once again, thank you to all those who have already responded to our request for testing. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to ensure safety and compliance in the gas industry.

Christmas closure

Kindly note that AGA will be taking a holiday break starting 23 December 2023, and we will be back to assist you on 15 January 2024.

We encourage you to schedule any required certifications, testing, or consultations with our team well in advance of these dates. For urgent matters during this period please email

Latest Standards Updates

SA TS 5390- Gas appliances — Hydrogen-fired gas appliances is our for public comment until the 12 December 2023

The following Standards are out for public comment until 17 January 2024

AS 4629.1:2022 Amd 1 – Automatically operated valves for use with gas, Part 1: Shut-off valves

AS 4629.2:2022 Amd 1 – Automatically operated valves for use with gas, Part 2: Vent valves

If you would like to submit any comments, you may forward them directly through to Standards Australia – See following guide: Click Here