October 2021 NewsFlash - AGA

October 2021 NewsFlash

  • 31-10-2021

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AGA NewsFlash

Australian Gas Regulatory Framework Reforms

Rest in Peace - Tom Sika

Type B Certification Services

Standards Update

Australian Gas Regulatory Framework Reforms

In 2018, work had begun to create a National Hydrogen Strategy and by the end of 2019, the Hydrogen Working Group had presented its Strategy which was then endorsed by Energy Minsters.

A key finding was that the current regulatory framework needed to be reviewed to correctly allow the use of “Other gas products”. In August this year, Energy Ministers agreed that biomethane, hydrogen blends and other renewable methane gas blends were to be included in the scope of this regulatory framework with an emphasis on expediting the merge. A key proposal is that “the provisions in the National Gas Law and National Energy Retail Law be extended to NG equivalents and related facilities and activities”. This would mean that “low level” blends of hydrogen would be treated as natural gas. This approach would expand on the work Australian gas networks have completed in the trial and demonstration phase and allow for rapid progress to commercial phase. A more conservative approach mentions allowing the relevant authority to give license for larger scale gas distribution efforts provided they satisfy certain criteria.

As a part of these reforms a drafted bill will be discussed in parliament titled the Regulatory Sandbox Bill. If passed this would set up a framework to test innovative concepts in the market under relaxed regulatory requirements at a smaller scale, on a time-limited basis and with appropriate safeguards in place.

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Rest in Peace - Tom Sika 2/11/1960 – 15/09/2021

The Gas Industry farewells Tom Sika. 

Tom started his career at the South Australian Gas Company as an apprentice gas fitter in the late 70’s.  In 2000, he joined the Office of the Technical Regulator in South Australia.  Over this time, he has made a huge contribution to the gas Industry and is very well respected by his peers and the wider gas industry through his contributions and dealing with regulatory matters, Standards, product manufacturers and certification bodies.  He was a generous and compassionate man and well known for his dedication & commitment to his work and safety outcomes for the Gas Industry.

AGA has enjoyed working with Tom over many years and our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

Type B Certification Services available in New South Wales and South Australia

Following the recent acquisition of the Mondo laboratory and in addition to Type A certification activities, AGA is also an authorised certification provider for Type B appliances.  Type B appliances are appliances with a gas consumption in excess of 10MJ/h for which a certification scheme (typically Type A) does not exist and assessments are made against AS 3814 – Industrial and Commercial gas-fired appliances.

For information, please contact our Industrial & Commercial Approval Manger, Mr Ashraf Sedrak at TypeBApprovals@aga.asn.au

Latest Standards Updates

AS 4627 – 2017 Amdt 2 2021 – Quick connect Devices has been published on the 8th October 2021. There was some important amendments to this Standard which may affect the testing of the Type 27 LCC Performance Requirements.