Certified Gas Appliances and Components - AGA Product Directory

Certified Gas Appliances and Components - Product Directory

Certified gas appliances and components are listed in AGA’s comprehensive product directory in PDF format. We have chosen to keep the format of the Certification directory in PDF due to ease of use and stakeholder demand. Certified gas products have been listed and searched for in the AGA Product Directory for over 50 years! More recently, the AGA product directory also includes gas cylinders, gas cylinder test stations, plumbing (WaterMark) products and electrical products. 

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Check for the AGA Badge before buying or installing a gas appliance

Certified gas appliances by AGA must have an AGA Maker’s Warranty Badge or a current AGAMark affixed in a prominent position.  Make sure you check the AGA Product Directory by downloading the PDF version from the link above and search for the model name or number. 

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Certified Gas Products - AGA Badges and Licence explained

It is a legal requirement in each Australian state and territory for suppliers to certify gas appliances and components. 

When a supplier successfully completes the Gas certification process with AGA, a Certificate of Compliance is issued and each production unit offered for sale or supplied into the Australian marketplace must be appropriately marked. 

Certified gas appliances by AGA must have the appropriate AGA badge or AGAMark affixed in a prominent location on the appliance. Unless marked with a current AGAMark, each appliance type has a specific coloured badge requirement as follows:

Gas barbecues –  The red badge as shown above must be affixed to gas bbq’s.

Gas camping and leisure appliances – The green badge as shown above must be affixed.

Gas commercial catering appliances – The yellow badge as shown above must be affixed.  

Gas heater, gas water heater, gas cooker, gas patio heter or area heater, gas ducted heater and others not captured above – The blue badge as shown above must be affixed. 

Certified gas components do not require to have the the AGA badge or the AGAMark affixed. In this case, ensure you search for the model name or number on the component in the AGA Product Directory. 

AGA Certification Recognition

Certified gas components and appliances by AGA are recognised by all state and territory regulatory authorities including, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, ACT, Western Australia and Tasmania. 

In addition, AGA Certification is also recognised in New Zealand under Section 55 of the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010.

AGA is also a Recognised Certification Authority (RCA) under the Hong Kong gas regulations and GU05 guidelines. Accordingly,  manufacturers and suppliers are able to test their products at the AGA Laboratory and through AGA Certification gain access to the Hong Kong gas market.