Renewable Energy - AGA

Hydrogen Appliance Testing

AGA’s specialised Hydrogen Testing Facility is a state of the art laboratory which is capable of testing gas appliances on 100% hydrogen or any blend of natural gas and hydrogen. The laboratory has assisted manufacturers to find the maximum blend of hydrogen in natural gas that their appliances can safely tolerate and also develop 100% hydrogen ready appliances. 

Since the establishment of the AGA Hydrogen Testing facility in 2018, the hydrogen appliance testing and development has increased exponentially. We are pleased to see our members and manufacturers embracing the exciting transition to hydrogen in line with Australia’s net zero targets. 

For more information or if you have any questions please contact our Renewable Energy Team at


Meet some of AGA's Renewable Energy Team Members!

Tom Lord has strong technical foundations and is committed to the betterment of our industry and sustainable future. He has tested most appliance types on hydrogen and assisted manufacturers with understanding the hydrogen effects and testing requirements.  

Tom’s chemistry experience is second to none and has been instrumental in the blending processes of hydrogen and methane, including its analysis and storage.  

Kyle Olinga has solid foundations in chemical engineering and specialized renewable energy projects. He has gained a wealth of experience with gas appliances at AGA and is passionate about a sustainable and renewable future for our industry. 

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