September 2021 NewsFlash - AGA

September 2021 NewsFlash

  • 30-09-2021

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AGA NewsFlash

Successful 20% Hydrogen blend Trial at UK University

REMINDER: New requirements for Gas Space Heating & Decorative Appliances

Material Performances Testing of Pipes and Fittings

Standards Update

Successful 20% Hydrogen blend Trial at UK University

Great news from the UK following a successful 18 month project involving Hydrogen blended in a University Natural Gas network.

The project known as HyDeploy involved 100 homes and 30 University buildings across Keele University’s campus, where 20% Hydrogen was blended into the Natural Gas supply (20 mol% hydrogen). The Hydrogen was produced by electrolysis using renewable electricity.

The consortium of partners behind the HyDeploy consist of Keele University, Cadent, Northern Gas Networks, Progressive Energy, Health and Safety Executive, and ITM Power.  The consortium now plans to conduct a larger trial in Winlaton involving around 700 homes, a school and a number of businesses. They have also advised that “alongside the enabling safety case, the HyDeploy project has demonstrated the first steps of hydrogen deployment are safe, technically feasible and non-disruptive, both for the network and domestic users.”

This is significant stepping stone to the end goal of achieving a 100% green hydrogen gas network in the UK. By supplying Natural gas blended with a 20% green Hydrogen across the UK (~23 million homes), it is estimated that the carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by approximately 6 million tonnes (~7% reduction).

For more details regarding this HyDeploy project please Click Here 

REMINDER: New requirements for Gas Space Heating Appliances (open flued) and Decorative effect gas appliances (Type 2 – open flued)

New requirements under GTRC Technical Guidance Bulletins No’s 18 & 19 (compliance deadline of 1 January 2022) are in force. 

These new requirements relate to the risk associated with open flue appliances when exposed to negative pressure inside the home.  Over time, homes have become increasingly well sealed and a reduction in ventilation combined with more powerful exhaust fans has increased the risk of combustion products being drawn into the home. 

Full details of the guidance bulletins are available at:

Please note, certificates for products in these categories that do not comply with these requirements will be suspended / cancelled on 1 January 2022 and Certificate Holders should submit an Application to address these requirements as soon as possible.

Material Performances Testing of Pipes and Fittings

Following the recent acquisition of the Mondo Laboratory in Sydney, The AGA Laboratory testing capability has expanded to also cover Material Performances Testing of Pipes and Fittings to the following International Standards: ISO 13953, ISO 13954 and ISO 13956.

 If you require any testing of Butt Welds, Electrofusion Joints or Saddle Fusion Joints, please contact Qinghui Mao ( or to discuss our testing capability and provide you with a testing quote.

 We look forward to working with you.

Latest Standards Updates

DR AS 4621:2019 Amd 1:2021 Regulator for use with liquefied petroleum — Vapour phase appliances is open for public comment until the 11/10/2021.

If you would like to submit any comments, go to the Standards Australia website: Click Here