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The AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme

  • 01-09-2020

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The AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme

Following on from the launch of the AGA Showroom last November, today, as another industry first, AGA is launching the national AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme!

The AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme has been in development over the last two years in response to industry market research and feedback. It has been developed in conjunction with the AGA Showroom, which is a platform designed to complement the new Scheme and enhance consumer awareness about the safe use of gas and gas appliances.

AGA is a membership-based not-for-profit industry association that has proudly served the Australian gas industry since 1925 and, now, is delighted to launch the AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme.

The Scheme has been designed to achieve a number of benefits for our industry, including enhancing public awareness that only licensed gas fitters should be used for gas appliance installation, and increasing consumer awareness of the need for regular gas appliance servicing. In addition, the Scheme will heavily focus on the promotion of licensed AGA Listed Gas Fitters to the Australian community.

Some of the benefits to AGA Listed Gas Fitters include:

1. Being licensed to use the AGA Mark,

2. Being included in the AGA Listed Gas Fitter Directory,

3. The ability to choose and change work locations with ease at any time in the Directory,  

4. Being promoted to customers through the AGA Showroom, which is number 1 on internet search engines,

5. Being recognised by the AGA Showroom customer review feedback system, and

6. The ability to follow up on leads at no extra cost to the flat annual AGA Listed Gas Fitter fee.

This extends AGA’s safety focus from testing, certification and promotion of gas and gas products to also include installation and servicing. Being not for profit, AGA is able to invest the income from the Scheme back to the industry!

Gas fitters are able to promote their business and trade by becoming AGA Listed Gas Fitters today!

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