The AGA Showroom - Exclusive for AGA Members - AGA

The AGA Showroom – Exclusive for AGA Members

  • 02-07-2020

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The AGA Showroom -
Exclusive for AGA Members

In these unprecedented times, online sales are accelerating and the AGA Showroom is perfectly positioned to help AGA members connect with consumers more than ever.

Only AGA members can exclusively list their AGA Certified Products on the AGA Showroom to help direct customers to their online selling platform.

Or they can simply use the Showroom’s integral platform as their own online store front!

The AGA Showroom is number 1 on internet search engines and is achieving high result targeted showcasing through social media –  Just type “gas product” on Google and click on the first result!

The AGA Showroom was launched last year during the 2019 AGA Industry Forum and since then has received an overwhelmingly exciting and positive response from our gas industry and consumers. 

If you are an AGA member and hold current AGA Certifications, all you have to do is sign up by going to and click on the “Supplier” tab to enter your details. You will then be directed to your personalised Dashboard where you can create your listings in your own time. Alternatively, please contact Kylie at for assistance.  

This is a world first online and iOs/Android application platform to promote the Australian Gas Industry!

* The AGA Showroom is where consumers can find a whole range of safe and reliable gas appliances and all the benefits that come with them.

* It’s where gas fitters can find a whole range of gas appliances and components.

* The AGA Showroom is where suppliers and manufacturers can showcase their gas products.

* The AGA Showroom is where consumers can communicate directly with the suppliers and manufacturers.

* The AGA Showroom is a platform through which we can educate mums and dads about the safe use of gas appliances

Some of the features of the AGA Showroom include:

* An online and mobile responsive platform

* An instant live messaging portal

* iOs and Andoid apps with full push notifications

* Intuitive dashboard to upload products individually or with CSV

* Easy access and searchable technical specifications

For more information, you can contact AGA on +61395804500 or email 

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