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The end of an era – the beginning of a new

  • 30-08-2021

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Chris Wealthy Retirement
The end of an era – the beginning of a new

“All of us who have benefitted from long careers recognise that at some stage the finish line comes into view. Those of us who have been blessed with a life of good health and prosperity should take a moment to reflect on our blessings and good fortune. Such a time has come for me as I transition to the next phase of my life in retirement. I will commence the next leg of my journey from Friday 27th August 2021. Over my travels my path has crossed those of many very talented and committed people and I have made many dear friends, not only at home but around the world. To all, I extend my sincere gratitude for your comradery and for teaching and guiding me though the good times as well as those more challenging.

Thank you for being my travelling companion over the journey and sharing numerous adventures, all of which I shall dearly cherish.

Warmest regards and au revoir – Chris”

Most of us in the gas industry know Chris, he has been the rock of AGA for over three decades and one of the biggest advocates for consumer safety in our industry. Chris’ achievements have never been for personal gain, not for glory, not for personal recognition. They have been for the safety and betterment of our gas industry.

Chris’ main motivation has always been safety. The safety of consumers using the hundreds of thousands of gas appliances installed in our homes. The safety of consumers using the millions of gas cylinders with our barbecues, patio heaters and other LPG appliances. The safety of people using plumbing products, electrical appliances, butane cartridges, test stations… and the list goes on. Consumer safety – the safety of our children, the safety of our mums and dads, the safety of our siblings, the safety of our grandparents has been Chris’ priority while leading AGA.

The only other priority for Chris which equalled consumer safety was the safety of the AGA staff. The AGA team of gas engineers, scientists, gas fitters and support staff who Chris considers his extended family.

In more recent times, Chris has been one of the leading voices and advocates for finding sustainability solutions for the future of our gas industry. He initiated the discussions on climate change issues for our industry and the possible hydrogen transition at AGA forums years ago, with key speakers from government and Australia’s Chief Scientist. Chris established the AGA Hydrogen test centre in our Melbourne based laboratory which has successfully provided the industry the platform to test gas appliances on renewable hydrogen in preparation for our future hydrogen transition.

The legacy Chris has left us is second to none and we are fortunate that he has chosen to continue as a Director on the AGA Board.

The AGA Board has appointed Bill Tabourlos as Chris’ successor to be AGA’s Managing Director and CEO effective from the 30th August 2021, who will take the baton from Chris and continue to lead AGA.

Bill is also very well known in our industry having consumer safety and sustainability as priorities and also shares the same values and vision as Chris. Bill has been alongside Chris for nearly two decades from when he started his career at AGA as a fresh university graduate in 2004.

Early on, Bill managed AGA’s Certification Schemes and also coordinated the construction and operations of AGA’s Testing Laboratory. As Laboratory Manager and leading NATA Signatory, he successfully managed the AGA Laboratory while it became the largest gas appliance testing facility in the southern hemisphere.

Bill also contributes as a NATA Technical Assessor and is member of the NATA Physical Performance Testing Accreditation Advisory Committee to assist in the maintenance and advance in technical expertise in the gas industry.

During his career with AGA, Bill was instrumental in the development of AGA’s Cylinder, WaterMark and Test Station Certification Schemes.

Bill is also a long standing member on Standards Australia Committees, including Gas Appliances, Gas Components and Gas Cylinders.

Bill has a strong commitment and passion to consumer safety and the sustainable future of our gas industry.

“To all my fellow industry colleagues, AGA staff, government regulators and friends,

I am honoured to be appointed as AGA’s Managing Director and CEO.

I will do my utmost to serve our gas industry, to be forward thinking, be current, be progressive and contribute to the safety of our community and future sustainability.

I look forward to the exciting opportunities in our gas industry and will ensure AGA continues to contribute with our technical excellence as we transition into a cleaner brighter future. The strength of AGA is its dedicated staff. The engineers, scientists, testing officers and administration staff are all committed to AGA’s objectives and are the driving force behind AGA’s remarkable achievements. AGA has a strong local technical capability and will continue to recruit and train our local graduates, gas engineers and technicians in our Melbourne and Sydney laboratories.

AGA’s executive management team will remain strong as ever with Ivan Marsic, Dennis Karafotias and Sajjad Junaidi. Ivan will be managing both Type A and Type B Certifications and Dennis will be Laboratory manager for both our Melbourne and Sydney Laboratories. Sajjad will continue on as our Human Resources and Finance Manager, as well as take on the additional responsibility as AGA’s Company Secretary. 

Finally, I will like to thank Chris for his leadership, mentorship, guidance, friendship and teachings throughout the years. I wish him all the best for his retirement and I look forward to many more years of his wisdom while serving on the AGA Board alongside him.

Bill Tabourlos
Managing Director and CEO, AGA